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FREESTYLE Pesticides
Automatisierung von Pestizidaufreinigung

Automation of Pesticide Clean-up

The automation of pesticide clean-up using the FREESTYLE robotic system from LCTech represents an extremely effective and personnel-relieving solution for food analysis. The use of pesticides to promote plant growth can nowadays be detected in almost all areas, such as water, fruit, vegetables, the environment, honey, beer and wildlife, and thus represents an increasing global threat.

Given the widespread use of pesticides, the volume of samples is also increasing, accompanied by a growing spectrum of analytes. To meet this demand, standardized and automated methods are necessary. Here, the FREESTYLE robotic system offers ideal solutions and enables fast and precise sample preparation.

Automation of Sample Preparation

The FREESTYLE robotic system from LCTech offers maximum flexibility with regard to the range of applications in the laboratory. This system offers a wide range of modules (including non-dispersive QuEChERS, GPC, SPE, EVA, DirectInjection and a 4-fold GPC module), which can be used in combination or individually within a sequence.
Repetitive work in the lab can be done more efficiently by using automation technologies. In addition, runs can be performed overnight and on weekends to handle a high number of samples.

Trend & Conclusion

One trend in favour of automation is that fewer and fewer laboratory staff are willing to do repetitive, time-consuming processes by hand. This makes it even more urgent to implement automation solutions in everyday laboratory work to ensure efficient and cost-effective processing of samples.

Automating laboratory processes with the FREESTYLE robotic system from LCTech is an optimal way to improve efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in laboratories.