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Extraction Unit for Better Analytics

A good extraction is the basis of every analysis.

The X-TRACTION® system works according to the Pressurised Fluid Extraction (PFE) principle. The innovative design and the LCTech process make the system unique and offer many advantages.

The X-TRACTION® is also available as PFAS version.



X-TRACTION loaded with 4 bottles | © LCTech GmbH

Supply with up to 5 different solvents possible

One display with touch screen (7.0", 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)) for all devices (max. 6 devices) and freely adjustable tilt angle.

  • Easily accessible fluidic compartment to all fluidic parts.
  • Pressurised fluidic connections from SST capillaries.
  • Outlet capillary with large inner diameter.
  • Syringe pump (0.1 - 80 ml/min.) for solvent supply.
  • Best possible heat transfer: Extraction cell is completely enclosed by heating jaws.
  • Parameterisable temperature range: 20° C - 200° C.
  • Extraction cell is filled with solvent from above and below for best possible wetting of the sample.
  • Efficient extractions at low pressures (~ 10 bar).

Vial holder for 60 mL vials, 250 mL vials, 85 mL D-EVA vials.

Components of the extraction cell | © LCTech GmbH

The Extraction Cell

The cell lids, equipped with magnets, allow exceptionally easy opening and closing without threads or additional tools.

The cell with a capacity of up to 75 mL is composed of only a few parts. The stainless steel design makes it particularly robust.

This makes it universally applicable for all required applications.

X-TRACTION systems 6 in a row | © LCTech GmbH

Flexibility for Maximum Performance

To parallelise your process, the basic module can be directly adapted to your needs via a data cable with up to 5 expansion modules which can be upgraded at any time.

Flexible operation options of the modules via a central touchpad:
Individual: All units run with different methods
Parallel:  All systems, simultaneously with the same method
Mixed-mode: Any number of units run in parallel. Remaining modules individually.

More Special Features

Symbol No cross-contamination | © LCTech GmbH
No cross contamination
Rinsing cell for rinsing process (with 10 mL each)
Symbol High reproducibility | © LCTech GmbH
High reproducibility
Significant replication due to extremely fast processing times
Symbol Safety functions | © LCTech GmbH
Safety functions
Solvent-free leak test, mechanical pressure relief valve (reusable)
Symbol consumables
Few consumables
Only 1 glass fibre filter per sample, low solvent consumption
Extraktion der gespikten Bodenmatrix | © LCTech GmbH


PFAS analysis requires special conditions, including during the preparation of samples, such as freedom from blank values for all of the materials and equipment used. The analyte spectrum is continually being expanded here, so more and more long-chain PFAS are also coming into focus. When extracting PFAS analytes from solids according to the current draft of US EPA 1633, it has been shown that long-chain PFAS and neutral sulphonamides cannot be adequately recovered with conventional cold extraction using solvents. It has been possible to significantly improve these excessively low values for long-chain PFAS with extraction via X-TRACTION® as a PFAS version (guaranteed free from blank values!) using Pressurised Fluid Extraction (PFE). The diagram of the extraction of doped soil matrix shown documents this.

Close-up tubes for fluidics | © LCTech GmbH

Guaranteed Blind Value-Free!

No detectable background concentrations of PFAS!

All materials within the fluidics have been replaced with PTFE-free components.

Product videos + Webinars


X-TRACTION® - Product video
Components of the extraction cell | © LCTech GmbH
Fast and Easy handling of the extraction cell
Efficient heating
Solvent Ports

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