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Are you Working in the Field of Analysis for Dioxin or PCB Samples?

The special laboratory requirements of this field demand a high level of experience for carrying out ultratrace analysis for dioxins and PCBs. Let the competent trainers at LCTech train and guide you, already when you are planning your laboratory from zero!

Good reasons for LCTech training:

  • The right equipment and experience saves time and money for your laboratory operation
  • Avoid false positive results due to misinterpretation of difficult dioxin and PCB chromatograms or unintentional contamination of the laboratory
  • Reduce the time needed to set up a dioxin laboratory by several months thanks to experienced experts

Trainer Expertise at a Glance

Operator for Various Measuring Instruments
  • DFS-HRMS by Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • HRMS-Autospec by Waters
  • TSQ Quantiva by Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • TSQ EVA 8000 by Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • 7000D GC-MS/MS by Agilent
Analyst for Various Parameters
  • PCDD/F
  • 2,3-MCPD
  • PCB
  • Glycidol
  • PBDE
  • inorganic compounds
Quality Manager
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
Dioxin specialist and trainer Thomas Kerkemeier | © LCTech GmbH
Dioxin Specialist and Trainer at LCTech

Thomas Kerkemeier

  • Over 20 years of first-hand experience as technician and analyst, there of 15 years in a commercial laboratory specialised on dioxines and PCBs.
  • Skilled in method development and troubleshooting, data interpretation and optimisation of workflows
  • Experienced in planning a laboratory from scratch, laboratory planning of workdays, process- and lean-management
  • Establishing of LCTechs QS-laboratory for PCDD/F & PCB consumables within 2 months
  • Establishing of the world‘s first designated dioxin laboratory under GMP requirements
  • Establishing a QM system of a release laboratory with successful initial accreditation by DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • University of Münster until 1999 study for a teaching degree in Biology and Chemistry

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Do you have these experts in your lab?

If not, LCTech can help you with individual training of your laboratory technicians to train experts in your own laboratory for the entire workflow from sample collection to results.