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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

LCTech products for solid phase extraction are as extensive as their areas of application and offer the user support to the extent necessary: from fully automated robotic systems and SPE columns to vacuum manifolds, such as for mycotoxins, water analysis or forensics.

Sample clean-up using SPE columns is just one of the time-consuming and monotonous routine tasks in any analytical laboratory, but demands the utmost concentration. This is an ideal application for automation in all areas.

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Automation for SPE Columns

The manual processing of SPE columns is time-consuming and can lead to unreliable results. By automating the process with the FREESTYLE SPE system, reproducibility and precision can be improved, particularly in combination with automated online concentration by the EVAporation module. The system can be adapted flexibly, is ready for use around the clock and is thus ideal for laboratories with many methods or samples.

Automation for SPE Columns

Elufix™ Columns

Elufix™ glass columns are immediately ready to use and are perfect for fast and precise measurements in the Hydrocarbon Oil Index (H53 method).

For larger quantities, LCTech recommends the TINY columns, which are supplied in ALU returnable packaging and can be adapted individually. See the high quality for yourself!

Elufix™ Columns

QuEChERS Columns

Simple, effective and automated sample clean-up for your analysis. Experience reliable, round-the-clock clean-up and optimised analysis capacities with the QuEChERS columns from LCTech. The specially developed columns ensure fast, economical and robust analysis without contamination of the MS units by matrix residues. The QuEChERS method à la LCTech enables you to automate your analysis while saving time and money.

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