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GPC Column
GPC Saule


GPC Column

The GPC columns from LCTech are designed for everyday use in the laboratory with their simple and self-explanatory construction as well as their robustness. The columns are available filled or unfilled with bio-beads in different lengths and with different filling heights. They can be used with a wide range of solvents. LCTech thus offers standardised columns for many methods, such as for

  • DFG S19
  • Mini GPC Italy
  • Modified USEPA 3640 A
  • USEPA 3640 A
  • EPA Method 1614
  • USP Monographs: Lanolin, ...

Proven Quality

Each filled LCTech GPC column comes with a chromatogram for quality assurance.

Exemplary QA chromatogram of a column GPC10011

Proven Quality
GPC Column
GPC Column
  • Robust: The column cannot burst or shatter thanks to the aluminium casing and thus also protects the user.
  • Chemically inert: Contact of the sample only with glass / PTFE or stainless steel.
  • All parts solvent resistant
  • Easy readjustment of the column bed
  • Suitable for many standard methods (e.g. Extended DFG S19/ ASU L00.00-34
  • Pressure stable (tested up to 20 bar continuous operation and 40 bar short term)
  • No cross contamination in subsequent samples, even with demanding matrices
  • Quality certificate and test chromatogram for each column
Easy Handling of the GPC Column
Easy Handling of the GPC Column

To re-fill the columns directly on site, LCTech offers suitable kits for a simple and fast procedure. The columns can be easily taken apart, cleaned and put together again. Owing to their refined construction, the columns will be instantly tight and ready for use.

Functionality Through and Through

Functionality Through and Through

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