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Product family DEXTech

Solutions for Dioxin Analysis

Find your requirement here: PCDD/F, PCB, PCN, PBDE or CP? LCTech has the right answer in each case. The solutions are based on universal devices, which are optimised for the desired analytes when used in combination with the ready-to-use columns.

The device family is unique: the standard version DEXTech Pure for almost all matrices, processing around the clock in the fully automated version DEXTech 16, and the DEXTech Heat with its special heating function for hardened fats. At LCTech, you get the right solution for you for dioxin/PCB analysis in food, feed and environmental samples. The same default methods are saved in all of the systems and can thus also be easily transferred in mixed operation. There is no need for an additional validation.

Robust, easy to install, intuitive operation, low maintenance requirements, economical ready-to-use columns – optimised in every way.

Your requirements are clear – LCTech has the ideal solution!

Recommended columns and QS certificates:

Three different DEXTech systems for all requirements

The DEXTech product family


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