FREESTYLE Robotic System
Detailed view FREESTYLE with loaded racks, gripper and needle | © LCTech GmbH
Flexible, precise, modular

Robotic System

This robust automation is excellently suited to the fields of food, feed, environment, forensics and other areas of application. The FREESTYLE system takes care of routine everyday tasks in the laboratory, while also offering the user the unique opportunity to combine certain work steps, which were previously performed individually. The FREESTYLE system can reliably run throughout the night and can thus be utilised optimally.

The FREESTYLE system is probably the most adaptable robotic device for sample preparation on the market. This series of systems, which can be used virtually universally, allows many work steps to be automated.

More Application Examples: PFAS Pesticides Mycotoxins MOSH/MOAH H53

FREESTYLE can be Configured for your Applications

FREESTYLE SPE EVA with CrossTOX columns | © LCTech GmbH

FREESTYLE for Mycotoxins

FREESTYLE is compatible with a wide range of mycotoxin applications. Maximum flexibility is achieved through an almost unlimited selection of matrices and the use of various column formats. Discover the benefits of FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™, FREESTYLE CrossTOX® and FREESTYLE SPE for mycotoxin analysis.

FREESTYLE SPE EVA QuEChERS loades with 4 racks | © LCTech GmbH

FREESTYLE Pesticides

FREESTYLE BASIC with the GPC and/or EVAporation module is excellent for preparing pesticide samples. You can fully automate your robotic system with the optional HPLC Direct Injection module. See for yourself the advantages of automating sample preparation, from the raw extract to the chromatogram.



Based on the robust and established FREESTYLE robotic system, LCTech has developed solutions specifically for PFAS applications, in which plastics containing fluorine such as PTFE are avoided and thus no blank values are introduced by the system. The FREESTYLE systems, SPE PFAS, XANA PFAS and XANA PFAS TableTop are standard-compliant (e.g. DIN 38407-42, US EPA 537.1) and ideal for a wide range of sample volumes.

Discover the comprehensive support from LCTech for your PFAS analysis in the PFAS workflow.

FREESTYLE SPE EVA with laptop | © LCTech GmbH


FREESTYLE BASIC, combined with the SPE and EVAporation module, is perfect for automating SPE processes (e.g. for environmental samples). The ideal system for laboratories with many methods or many samples for one method.

FREESTYLE XANA loaded with bottles | © LCTech GmbH


XANA has been specially developed for the preparation of large-volume water samples. By performing the most time-consuming processing steps in parallel and processing several samples at once, a high sample throughput is achieved while also reducing variance in the results.

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FREESTYLE for Special Applications

FREESTYLE can not only be used for routine samples from the food/feed sector etc., but is also the ideal choice for special applications such as AOX, MOSH/MOAH, etc.


The Characteristics of FREESTYLE 

Front view FREESTYLE GPC SPE EVA | © LCTech GmbH
Flexible Configuration and Combination

The FREESTYLE modules can be combined and retrofitted flexibly. This means the user always retains the freedom to adapt their FREESTYLE device to changing everyday work requirements and easily retrofit any necessary functions.

Detailed view of FREESTYLE  Hangings the racks | © LCTech GmbH
Wide Selection of Racks

The user has a wide range of racks available, which are already integrated into the system software and can thus be selected quickly.

Detail view software | © LCTech GmbH
Intuitive Software

All FREESTYLE modules have the same software interface. This allows the system to be easily expanded with new modules at the click of a mouse. The software is particularly simple and intuitive to use.



Front view FREESTYLE Basic | © LCTech GmbH


The basis for comprehensive flexibility! The FREESTYLE system is always based on the same basic module: the FREESTYLE BASIC!
Consisting of an xyz robot with injection pump, sample loop, solvent distribution and double-walled needle. 

Front view FREESTYLE EVA | © LCTech GmbH


The EVAporation module is ideal to automatically concentrate solvents to a defined end volume between 0.2 mL and 5.0 mL, similar to the rotary evaporator principle and/or nitrogen blowdown. This also allows volatile analytes to be processed reliably.

Front view FREESTYLE GPC | © LCTech GmbH


The GPC module for automated gel permeation chromatography. In combination with the EVAporation module, the samples are prepared with or without solvent exchange and made available in GC vials for the subsequent analysis.

Front view FREESTYLE HPLC direct injection | © LCTech GmbH

FREESTYLE HPLC Direct Injection

The FREESTYLE HPLC Direct Injection module enables complete automation from the raw extract to the chromatogram without manual intermediate steps. The sample can be injected into the HPLC from vials or even directly from the EVAporation chamber.

Front view FREESTYLE SPE  | © LCTech GmbH


The FREESTYLE SPE module enables SPE columns (1 mL - 15 mL formats, incl. glass columns) to be moved to any place on the platform. The solid connection between the column and SPE gripping arm enables up to 4 bars of positive pressure to be applied, which is particularly important for applications in which the column can be blocked by suspended particles. With the software’s extremely flexible method editor, almost any manual method can be transferred to automation with just a few mouse clicks.

Front view FREESTYLE ThermELUTE | © LCTech GmbH


The combination of FREESTYLE SPE with the ThermELUTE™ enables full automation of the pre-cleaning of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 as well as M1 and ochratoxin A from the extract to the chromatogram.


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