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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

The LCTech product range comprises “ready-to-use” SPE columns, empty columns, filter elements and accessories for manual and automated SPE applications, and thus offers perfect solutions for sample preparation in PFAS, pesticide, H53-method and mycotoxin analysis.

"Ready-To-Use" SPE Columns

Overview EluCLEAN PFAS SPE Columns  | © LCTech GmbH
SPE Columns for PFAS Analysis

EluCLEAN® PFAS columns for the successful enrichment and clean-up of PFAS analytes from a wide range of matrices:

  • Food and feed
  • Drinking water
  • Solid and liquid environmental samples
SPE Columns for Pesticide Analysis

With the special QuEChERS push-through SPE columns from LCTech, sample clean-up in your pesticide analysis is incredibly easy for the following applications:

  • Fruit and vegetables 
  • Tea, spices and hops
  • Matrices with high fat content (>10%)
Overview Elufix glass columns | © LCTech GmbH
SPE Columns for H53 Method Analysis

Elufix™ glass columns, columns, glass columns filled with Florisil or Florisil and sodium sulphate, to determine mineral oil hydrocarbons in accordance with ISO 9377-2. Also available as a TINY version for fast processing without conditioning. 

  • Drinking and surface waters, as well as waste water and sludge
  • Soils
SPE column: CrossTOX for mycotoxin analysis | © LCTech GmbH
SPE Columns for Mycotoxin Analysis

The CrossTOX® columns enable highly efficient sample clean-up of 18 mycotoxins at once. High clean-up performance due to a non-dispersive QuEChERS-based process. SPE solutions for individual analytes such as deoxynivalenol and zearalenone.

  • A wide range of matrices

SPE Sorbents

Bottle silica gel | © LCTech GmbH
Silica for MOSH/MOAH Analysis

Ready-to-use, high-purity silica, activated at 400°C, for MOSH-MOAH sample preparation.

Dosing aid silica gel | © LCTech GmbH
Dosing Aid

SPE Accessories

Overview SPE empty glass columns | © LCTech GmbH
Empty SPE Columns (glass)
Overview SPE empty pp columns | © LCTech GmbH
Empty SPE Columns (plastic)
Comparison filter Fluffy and normal | © LCTech GmbH
Glass Fibre Filter Elements
Overview inserting tool | © LCTech GmbH
Tool to Insert Filter Elements
EluVac Vacuum Manifold | © LCTech GmbH
EluVac™ Vacuum Manifold
Adapter for SPE column | © LCTech GmbH
Adapter for SPE Columns
Adapter for SPE columns PFAS | © LCTech GmbH
Adapter for SPE Columns for PFAS Applications
Glass reservoir | © LCTech GmbH
Glass Reservoir
Sealing rings glass reservoir | © LCTech GmbH
Glass Reservoir Seals
Luer adapter for glass columns | © LCTech GmbH
Glass Columns Luer Adapter

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