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The FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ enables fully-automated sample preparation for the analysis of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and M1 as well as ochratoxin A and zearalenone in all regulated matrices.

Products for mycotoxin analysis:

Mycotoxin Clean-up with FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™

The FREESTYLE BASIC is equipped with the SPE and the ThermELUTE™ module for this purpose. The system is then combined with any HPLC system – the result is comprehensive automation with processing from the raw extract to the finished chromatogram without any manual working steps. Minimum workload for maximised sample throughput.

  • High sample throughput of up to 500 samples/week
  • Sample processing day and night and even at the weekend
  • Noteworthy sensitivity in the lower ppt range
  • Very good recovery rates
  • Reproducible results

Unique: Thermal Denaturation

The extracted, diluted and filtered sample is loaded onto the high-performance SMART column via the FREESTYLE system. After washing, the column is heated, breaking the bond between the toxin and antibody (thermal denaturation). The toxins are now eluted in a large volume as aqueous eluate directly into the HPLC sample loop via partial filling. Via an interface, the sample is released to and taken over by the HPLC, derivatised (aflatoxin B1, G1) and analysed. Meanwhile, the next sample is already being prepared by the FREESTYLE. 

SMART Immunoaffinity Columns

SMART Hand Rechts
Columns overview
Clever and SMART

The system achieves a very high sample throughput by using the SMART IAC column, which is only 3.5 cm in size. Due to the miniaturisation of the overall process, the amount of samples and solvents required is significantly reduced along with the processing time for the sample.

Each sample is processed with one SMART column, which ensures 100% performance for every sample and reliably prevents cross-contamination.

Columns overview
ppt Instead of ppb
ppt statt ppb

Without special measures and additional process steps, the user can be certain that they are able to measure below the European limit values for each matrix, even for baby food

High sensitivity due to:

  • Injection of the entire eluate
  • No need for adaptation to the HPLC mobile phase
  • No losses due to evaporation or adsorption
  • No losses due to manual intermediate steps

Robust and Reliable, Reproducible

Aflaclean Smart Calibration Curve

The ThermELUTE technology offers stable sample clean-up with automated injection in the LC. Linearity is present across a broad measuring range:

  • Reduction of the sample volume with simultaneous increase in measurement sensitivity
  • Acceleration of sample processing and autonomous analysis 24/7
  • Suitable for feed/food and baby food
  • Free from cross-contamination
  • Reproducible, fast with the highest measurement sensitivity
  • Measurement in the ppq range instead of ppt!
ThermELUTE Chromatogramm
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There is one default method per toxin, which is used for all regulated matrices. This simplifies the choice of method significantly, while maintaining flexible configuration. The chromatogram of a conventionally cleaned-up sample (black) and a sample cleaned up using ThermELUTE (red) shows that measurement sensitivity can be increased by a factor of 14.

Other chromatograms can be found in a summary of various matrices with a focus on the reproducibility of the results and the clarification that cross-contamination is not present in the following AppNote.

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