Overview of Possible Applications

Applications of LCTech Products

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Food and Feed

Both food and feed manufacturers and laboratories with low analysis numbers or high throughputs can find unique automation concepts for cost-effective analysis at LCTech.

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Laboratories are commissioned to examine samples of air, water and soil for pollutants or impurities. It is crucial here to always be up to date with regard to national and international regulations. LCTech ensures this with constant improvements and adaptations to its products in keeping with current regulations.

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The extensive product range at LCTech makes sample preparation in the field of water analysis much easier: from automated systems and manual devices to columns, LCTech offers everything from one source.

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PCDD/F, PCBs and other POPs

Even the smallest concentrations of these substance classes can produce severe toxic effects, which makes a highly sensitive analysis and sample preparation necessary. LCTech offers globally unrivalled technical solutions for this purpose. 

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To analyse these “forever” chemicals when preparing samples from food, environmental samples, and all types of water, LCTech offers solutions for blank-value-free extraction, clean-up and concentration.

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Pesticides, PAHs

With the FREESTYLE system, LCTech offers a comprehensive product range that provides the right degree of automation for every user, particularly within the scope of the revised DFG S19 (L 00.00-34) and other analysis methods, such as the AOAC methods 984.21, EN 12393 and EN 1528.

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Both the antibodies and the clean-up columns from LCTech meet the high demands on sample pre-cleaning for mycotoxin analysis and are ensured in extensive quality tests.

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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Solid phase extraction is the most common method of sample clean-up in modern liquid chromatography. LCTech has developed a special FREESTYLE module, which allows each tested SPE method to be implemented automatically.