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Analytik Von

Analysis of Pesticides, PAH

Pesticides are commonly used as plant protection products in Germany and abroad. However, their use can lead to residues in food and feed. To protect the health of humans and animals, they are legally regulated and certain maximum residue levels must not be exceeded. Comprehensive testing is essential to guarantee consumers safe and healthy food.

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Effective Extraction of Pesticides

Discover the X-TRACTION® extraction device from LCTech – the perfect solution for a precise analysis of pesticides and other impurities. Based on the innovative pressurised fluid extraction (PFE) principle, this unique system offers many advantages, such as high reproducibility, crucial safety functions and minimal consumables. The X-TRACTION© system offers you effective extraction without cross-contamination for precise analysis results. Find out more now about the next generation of extraction technology!

Effektive Extraktion

QuEChERS Columns

Simple, effective and automated sample clean-up for your analysis. Experience reliable, round-the-clock clean-up and optimised analysis capacities with the QuEChERS columns from LCTech. The specially developed columns ensure fast, economical and robust analysis without contamination of the MS units by matrix residues. The QuEChERS method à la LCTech enables you to automate your analysis while saving time and money.

QuEChERS Columns