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The contamination of food with saturated petroleum hydrocarbons (MOSH) and alkylated saturated petroleum hydrocarbons (MOAH) is a recurring and very topical issue that is increasingly coming into focus. While validated methods, such as CEN 16995:2017, exist for fatty foods and oils, which only allow a LOQ of > 10 mg/kg for MOSH/MOAH, this LOQ has been reduced from 10 mg/kg to 1 mg/kg by the publication of DGF C-VI 22 (20).

Lowering the detection limit in this way allows for better monitoring of MOSH/MOAH and thus greater consumer safety. However, this is labour intensive in terms of performing sample preparation. With the FREESTYLE MOSH/MOAH configuration, this process can be automated very easily. This brings more efficiency to your laboratory.

Further Informations:

Can be Fully Automated

There are special grip rings for the efficient handling of tightly sealed glass columns. These allow maximum rack loading of up to 54 glass columns for SPE clean-up using the FREESTYLE SPE module. This enables an unattended throughput of 32 samples in 24 hours with the MOSH/MOAH method. Thanks to the use of the special grip rings and the cross-contamination-free processing, a reliable analysis can be carried out, even for highly contaminated matrices. The use of this technology increases the efficiency and reproducibility of the analysis results.

Vollständig automatisierbar

Transfer into GC Vials

Online EVAporation to a defined final volume and the subsequent filling in closed autosampler vials ensures the fresh storage of the samples for the next processing steps. The clean-up step with a silica column can be covered completely using the FREESTYLE SPE module, which ensures the analysis results have a high degree of reproducibility. The non-stop policy guarantees a predictable timeline, enabling the efficient processing of the samples.

Übergabe in GC-Vials