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Service at LCTech

Installation of a new device, training, spare parts, maintenance or repair: The experienced LCTech service team will be happy to assist you with all these issues.
You can reach the service via e-mail: 
Or by phone at +49 8082 2717-0.

If there is an LCTech distributor in your country, please contact this distributor first.

Note: If you have questions about one of your LCTech units, please have the serial number at hand.

The LCTech Service on Site

The installation of a unit is easier and faster if some details are clarified in advance. Maintenance and repairs are also quicker if important points have been discussed in advance. 

In order for you to be able to work as usual again, the process should be as quick as possible. You can help by observing the following points:

  • LCTech will only accept returned units if you have applied for and received an RGA number in advance.  
  • Please issue a repair order in writing in advance and attach a clearance certificate to the consignment so that it is clearly visible from the outside.

The documents required for this are available in the download area. Alternatively, you can also contact us using the form. The service team will contact you as soon as possible.

"Satisfied customers are our best

Service & Support