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FREESTYLE Mycotoxins
Mykotoxinanalytik automatisieren

Automate Mycotoxin Analysis

The FREESTYLE can be used for a wide range of mycotoxin applications. Maximum flexibility is achieved through an almost unlimited choice of matrices and the use of different column formats.

Automation allows you to increase reproducibility and preset parameters according to your requirements. The FREESTYLE is ideal for high sample throughput. You can have samples processed unattended 24/7 with automated non-stop policy. The robotic system is proven to eliminate cross-contamination.

Find the right robotic system for your sample preparation here.


IAC-Columns for Automation

CrossTOX® für die Multi Toxinanalyse

CrossTOX® for Multi Toxin Analysis

  • Push-through clean-up for multi mycotoxin analysis
  • Quick sample preparation for LC-MS/MS application
  • Maximum matrix depletion and wide application range
  • For at least 18 different mycotoxins

Immunoaffinitätssäulen SMART

Immunoaffinity Columns SMART

  • Range of application as for standard IAC columns
  • Accelerates sample clean-up, reduces waste and costs
  • aflatoxins B/G, aflatoxin M1, ochratoxin A or zearalenone
  • Can be automated for 24/7 processing

Immunoaffinitätssäulen Standard (3 mL)

Immunoaffinity Columns Standard (3 mL)

  • High matrix tolerance
  • High loading capacity
  • Matrix-optimised application protocols
  • Can be automated by robotic system


SPE-Columns for Automation



  • SPE column for depletion of matrix interferents
  • High loading capacity
  • High matrix tolerance
  • Applicable in combination with ELISA, HPLC-UV, LC-MS/MS
  • Allows fast, efficient sample preparation, manual or automated