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Mycotoxin Applications
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Mycotoxin Analysis

Around 25% of global food production is destroyed due to mycotoxin contamination. The analytical detection of toxins in food and feed therefore holds a correspondingly high importance for cost-effectiveness and the health of the global population.

Samples are traditionally prepared using highly selective immunoaffinity columns (IAC). However, the use of LC-MS/MS is growing in importance for the multiple determination of different toxins and requires different clean-up methods. Sample preparation with CrossTOX® enables 18 toxins to be detected in one working step.

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How Does LCTech Improve your Mycotoxin Analysis?

LCTech offers products and automation concepts for mycotoxin analysis that support both food and feed manufacturers and laboratories. These include highly-selective immunoaffinity columns (IAC), specific SPE columns and CrossTOX® as a multi-toxin column. All columns can be used manually or automatically; the SMART columns are particularly ideal for fast sample preparation with low solvent use.

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“The CrossTOX® SPE column
enables us to maintain the entirety
of our chromatographic systems.”

Mycotoxin Product Finder

Benefit from the comprehensive, growing application library and choose the categories that particularly interest you. The results show a list of suitable products and application notes in order to be able to reliably examine every matrix.

  • Aflatoxine
  • Citrinin
  • Deoxynivalenol (DON) / Nivalenol (NIV)
  • Diacetoxyscirpenol
  • Fumonisine
  • Multitoxin
  • Ochratoxin A
  • Sterigmatocystin
  • T-2/HT-2
  • Zeralenon
  • Cereals / Rice / Corn
  • Nuts / Seeds
  • Beverages
  • Cocao
  • Coffee, Tobacco
  • Dairy
  • Dried Fruit
  • Feed, Animal
  • Other
  • Pharmaceutical Plants / Cannabis
  • Spices / Herbs
  • Automation
  • Accessories
  • Clean-up columns
  • Other
  • Post-column derivatization
  • IAC columns 3 mL
  • IAC columns SMART
  • other
  • SPE columns 3 mL
  • SPE columns SMART
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