FREESTYLE HPLC Direct Injection
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Full Automation with HPLC Direct Injection

The HPLC Direct Injection module is part of the FREESTYLE automatic sample preparation system. It enables complete automation from the raw extract to the chromatogram without manual intermediate steps while also achieving outstanding results via online injection into any LC system. This allows samples to be processed overnight or at the weekend without supervision. The finished chromatograms are available the next morning.

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FREESTYLE HPLC Direct Injection-Module

From the Raw Extract to the Chromatogram

Using the FREESTYLE system, finished samples can be injected into the HPLC via the Direct Injection module by means of sample loop overfilling, whereby the injection volume is parametrisable. The filling of other aliquots is also possible.

The use of the HPLC Direct Injection module eliminates the need for an HPLC autosampler; this function is performed by the FREESTYLE system, which is compatible with any HPLC system. This means that a fully automated process, from the raw extract to the chromatogram, can be performed reliably without supervision via the FREESTYLE system.

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Coolable positions for 1 mL or 4 mL vials

Delivery Scope

The module contains ten coolable positions for the loading of standards, optionally from 1 mL or 4 mL vials.

The size of the sample loop is variable; a 20 µL sample loop made from stainless steel (SST) is included in delivery as standard.


Chromatogram and Recoveries

*Aflatoxin standard 10 ng / 25 mL

A quick look at the recoveries and the chromatogram of an automated standard SPE process with FREESTYLE SPE with the HPLC Direct Injection module:

25 mL of the sample (standard) were added onto a 3 mL AflaCLEAN immunoaffinity column. A flow rate of 2 mL/min was set in the FREESTYLE software for automatic sample loading and the subsequent washing step with 10 mL of water.
The column was then dried with a short stream of air. 

Aflatoxin (10 ng) / standard (25 mL) processed via FREESTYLE SPE with HPLC Direct Injection module and a standard SPE procedure | © LCTech GmbH

Afterwards, the toxin was eluted with 2 mL of methanol into 4 mL vials, with the methanol left in the column bed for 5 minutes to completely denature the antibodies.
Using sample loop overfilling, the robotic system automatically injects the finished sample (standard) into the 20 µL sample loop of the HPLC. 

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