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What LCTech is all about

LCTech has been developing innovative products and methods for the preparation for the analysis of environmental, food and feed as well as for forensic samples since 1998.

From automation for sample preparation to consumables for analysis and expert training, LCTech offers everything a professional laboratory needs and various renowned institutions from the pharmaceutical and research sectors appreciate.

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LCTech is consistently oriented towards the needs of its customers. This is the essential prerequisite for success, an optimal market position and the future of the company and its employees. As a result, LCTech is always at the cutting edge of technology and, together with its employees, regularly creates new products tailored to customer needs.


Interesting facts

Certificate of honour for 25 years of company anniversary | © LCTech GmbH
25 Years LCTech

The company's success story now marks a quarter of a century. Dr. Uwe Aulwurm and Mr. Michael Baumann are pleased to receive the IHK certificate of honour for their 25th anniversary. Satisfied customers who are supported in their daily laboratory work are the endeavour and drive for LCTech to continue developing innovative products.

PFAS Webinare

Following the updated methods of the US EPA and the EU Drinking Water Directive, the new European regulation for PFAS in food and drinking water has also been published since January 2023. LCTech has prepared for this by developing excellent products at an early stage and supports you in establishing your PFAS analysis and sample preparation. 
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chrom+food forum 09 | 2022

In the issue "chrom+food forum 09 | 2022" an interesting article by LCTech mycotoxin expert Dr. Wuppermann has been published on the topic of "Rapid response to changing mycotoxin threat with regard to a change in the prevalence of mycotoxins caused by climate change".

Article on PFAS at the Gendorf plant | © frank-albrecht-xaOQSqfIR08-unsplash
How PFAS affects daily life

In an industrial plant in Gendorf, Germany PFOA was used for the production of fluoropolymers, resulting in large-scale contamination of the environment and exposure of people to contaminated drinking water in parts of the Altötting district. The drinking water well affected has since been closed.

exclusive distributor of

Pickering Laboratories

Onyx PCX Derivatization Instrument | © Pickering Laboratories Inc.

LCTech is the exclusive distributor of Pickering Laboratories in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Pickering is a pioneer in post-column derivatisation. Since the company was founded in 1984, Pickering Laboratories has continuously developed instruments and chemicals to solve analytical challenges in environmental, pharmaceutical and biochemical testing.

Jogger with wearable electronics | © Pickering Laboratories Inc.

In addition, Pickering Laboratories' synthetic body fluids are used worldwide for product testing and research applications. Pickering offers fluids for testing for:

  • Personal and wearable electronics
  • Watch-cases and accessories
  • Colorfastness to light for fabric
  • Colorfastness to perspiration for leather
  • Sweat for Ophthalmic optics
  • Dental metal alloys
  • Colorfastness of products taken orally

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LCTech Works in an Environmentally Friendly Way

LCTech company rear view with green lawn | © LCTech
The Company Building as a Passive House

Thanks to the innovative technology, extremely little energy is required for ongoing operation. Energy is supplied via a heat pump with external geothermal heat exchangers. In combination with the energy recovery of the exhaust air, an excellent result can be achieved in the energy balance.

The company's own photovoltaic system on the roof generates more energy on average than is actually consumed in the entire building. Energy-saving innovative solutions for cooling the building were also developed for the summer months - based on the same technology.

Aluminium case with cardboard insert for SPE TINY columns, TINY Box | © LCTech
Resource-saving Packaging

LCTech is not only aware of its responsibility for environmentally friendly construction of the company building, but also attaches great importance to sustainable product development.

The packaging of the TINY columns in an aluminium case, the TINY Box, completely eliminates the need for additional packaging material. The case delivers 1,820 columns safely and contamination-free to the customer by installing fixed racks. The TINY Box is used as shuttle packaging and thus saves a lot of packaging waste for your laboratory.

"We ensure that food is more safe."
From the column production
DEKRA Certificate ISO 9001:2015 | © LCTech GmbH

LCTech is Certified According to ISO 9001:2015

LCTech is quality-oriented. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 from development to production. The equipment is CE approved and designed and manufactured in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 and the associated Directive 95/16/EC.

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LCTech Offers Training

LCTech is a recognised training company of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The topic of "training" has a very high priority. For many years, LCTech has regularly trained young people to become industrial clerks or biology laboratory assistants.

Education pact Gymnasium Gars
Since January 2018, LCTech has been part of the education pact of Gymnasium Gars, which connects the school with companies and self-employed people from the region.

Company History

February: The extraction device X-TRACTION ist now also available in the PFAS version.

January: New logo and new website to meet the demands of the product portfolio, which has grown in the meantime.

December: The new PFAS columns from LCTech are here.

November: Introduction of the FREESTYLE XANA Table Top, ideal for US EPA methods up to 250 mL sample volume.

May: Development of the next generation extraction device: X-TRACTION! As simple as it is ingenious with the patented extraction cell.

February: Launch of the multi-mycotoxin column CrossTOX® for the highly efficient sample clean-up of 12 regulated and 6 expected mycotoxins at one go.

January: Market launch of the FREESTYLE SPE (XANA) PFAS system especilly for sensitive PFAS applications.

August: Market launch of the D-EVA vacuum concentrators for the rapid, parallel and reproducible concentration of 1 - 24 samples in PCB and dioxin analysis, blank-free, up to a low final volume.

August: Market launch of DEXTech Heat, the automated sample clean-up system specifically for PCB and dioxin samples curing at room temperature.

Market launch of the first fully automated sample clean-up system for PCB and dioxin analysis: DEXTech 16. The system processes 15 samples unattended in just one sequence, around the clock, day and night.

Market launch of the DEXTech Pure automated sample preparation system. Modified in terms of fluidics and methods, making it the perfect solution for customers who want to analyse PCBs and dioxins separately or for users who only want to measure PCBs.

Automation for water analysis - Market launch of FREESTYLE XANA, the new system especially for sample preparation of water samples with large volumes, e.g. drinking water, raw water or river water.

Extension of the FREESTYLE system by the ThermELUTE™ module for full automation in mycotoxin analysis.

Market launch of the automated sample preparation system DEXTech for dioxin and PCB analysis.

Market launch of the new FREESTYLE  robotic for automated sample preparation with combinable and flexible modules, such as the SPEGPC or EVAporation module.

Establishment of a separate biotechnology department. This department develops and produces products for sample preparation and analysis of mycotoxins.


Market launch of the first fully automatic sample preparation system TACS. In the years that followed, the range of equipment was continuously developed.

Foundation of LCTech GmbH

Exclusive representation of PICKERING products in Europe

Foundation of "Industrievertretungen Baumann", sale of PICKERING Laboratories products

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