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Flexible, Precise, Modular


Save working time and increase your throughput with automated processing around the clock with the FREESTYLE SPE.
Compliance with limits and their monitoring can be achieved with the FREESTYLE SPE, a robust, precise, flexible device for laboratory automation. No matter whether with 3 mL columns or 1 mL columns, all standard column types and also glass columns can be processed in the device, with freely configurable parameters, adaptable to specific matrix protocols and applications.

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Developed for Perfection

  • Flexible use thanks to universal gripping mechanism
  • Suitable for standard formats 1 mL, 3 mL and 6 mL (independent of manufacturer)
  • Columns are not punctured until the SPE grippers are used, so they can remain fresh on the sample rack together with the storage buffer until they are used
  • Guaranteed free from cross-contamination due to efficient rinsing mechanisms
  • Positive pressure of up to 4 bars and non-stop policy in the event of a blockage caused by the matrix ensure reliable and reproducible sample preparation
  • Thanks to the intuitive software and the method editor with a wide range of functions, the transfer of various mycotoxin protocols and methods to the FREESTYLE system is very simple
From the extract to the cleaned-up sample.
DETAILS at a Glance

FREESTYLE SPE for Clean-up of Mycotoxins

FREESTYLE SPE EVA loades with 3 racks | © LCTech GmbH

The column is firmly connected to the arm, therefore sample and solvent can be dosed precisely and at a constant flow rate via the SPE column with positive pressure using a syringe pump. Drying is also carried out via positive pressure with nitrogen.

  • Non-stop Policy: If a column becomes blocked, the system detects the overpressure. The column is reset, the system cleans itself automatically and continues with the processing of the next column
  • One rack for all types of columns: reusable adapters allow easy changing and mixing of columns of any standard format
  • Columns can be moved to any position in the rack area
  • Three solvents as standard, upgrade option up to six or even fifteen solvents

Fluidics management is a central component of the robotic system, where precise dosing and control of fluids is essential:

  • 10 mL syringe pump for an exact way to dispense solutions and samples in defined quantities with defined flow rates
  • 6 freely selectable ports for solvent supply. (Optional upgrade for 15 freely selectable solvents possible)
  • N2 valve for drying or evaporation process
  • Chemically inert PTFE sample loop for cross-contamination-free work

Double-walled with two independent lines inside the needle. Spray holes are arranged 360° around the needle:

  • Spraying solvent into a vial (e.g. for quantitative transfer) or into the vacuum chamber for rinsing and/or cleaning
  • Filling into vials closed with septa (e.g. 1 mL vial with insert)
  • Sharp tip for piercing a septum without punching out parts of the septum

In the washing device, the double-walled needle is cleaned from the inside and outside. This further ensures cross-contamination-free working.

If immunoaffinity columns dry out, this considerably impairs their effectiveness. The FREESTYLE system solves this problem by leaving the columns on the rack with the storage buffer and lid closed, and only pushing the lid through the SPE gripper at the time of use. The mechanics of the robotic system enable the processing of all common standard formats of IAC columns and ensure that they remain fresh and ready for use.

More than 40 different racks (also temperature-controlled) can be freely combined with the FREESTYLE system.

Maximum flexibility for your applications, just as you need it, also for IAC columns. Only one rack type is needed for all columns in standard formats up to 15 mL. Adaptation is done by adapters. The racks are hooked in easily and transferred to the software with just a few mouse clicks.

A direct, automated elution of the SPE column, directly into the EVAporation chamber within one method (online), is particularly convenient. An optional liquid/liquid solvent exchange completes the automation.

For more details on the advantages of the EVA module, please refer to the corresponding product page.

1 mycotoxin column each | © LCTech GmbH

SPE / Immunoaffinity Columns

Spices, animal feed, baby food, from amaranth to za'atar, the FREESTYLE SPE with LCTech immunoaffinity columns or SPE columns is the best solution for your mycotoxin sample preparation, around the clock, always reliable, reproducible, indispensable with growing numbers of samples and new challenges in mycotoxin analysis.

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HPLC Direct Injection

The Direct Injection module can be integrated as the last step in full automation, e.g. after SPE and/or EVAporation.This module enables a sample to be injected directly from the EVAporation chamber or an elution container into any HPLC. The module offers ten cooled positions for standards, enabling a standard injection to be carried out without using a HPLC autosampler.


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Application Notes
Dried Figs / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 611.97 KB) Sesame / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 1.15 MB) Figs / Afla-OtaCLEAN / Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.33 MB) Flour / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.31 MB) Millet / CrossTOX / Mycotoxins (pdf | 1.25 MB) Tofu / AflaCLEAN, OtaCLEAN, Afla-OtaCLEAN / Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 742.87 KB) Peanuts / CrossTOX / Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.75 MB) Liquorice / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.77 MB) Coconut Chips / OtaCLEAN, OtaCLEAN SMART / Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.23 MB) Almonds / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 493.04 KB) Palm Kernel Flour / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 689.88 KB) AGarlic / OtaCLEAN, AflaCLEAN / Alfatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 767.05 KB) Chocolate / Afla-OtaCLEAN / Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.23 MB) Mulled Wine / OtaCLEAN, OtaCLEAN SMART / Ochratoxin (pdf | 541.1 KB) Carob Powder / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 375.73 KB) Dried Garlic / AflaCLEAN Select / Aflatoxins (pdf | 400.51 KB) Umeboshi paste / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 317.8 KB) Greek Yoghurt / AflaCLEAN M1 Select / Aflatoxin M1 (pdf | 485.28 KB) Dried Mango / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 466.52 KB) Beer / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.05 MB) Biscuit Flour (Fish Feed) / AflaCLEAN Select / Aflatoxins (pdf | 377.58 KB) Grain / DONeX / Deoxynivalenol (pdf | 928.09 KB) Ras el Hanout, Spiced Mixture / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 440.84 KB) Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles, DDGS / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 460.04 KB) Coffee / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.96 MB) Ginger, Anis / Afla-OtaCLEAN, AflaCLEAN, OtaCLEAN / Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.23 MB) Corn / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 909.57 KB) Quinoa Seeds / AflaCLEAN / AflaCLEAN Select / Aflatoxins (pdf | 585.16 KB) Rice / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 504.8 KB) Puffed Millet / Afla-OtaCLEAN / Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 589.38 KB) Peanut Butter / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 416.31 KB) Chickpeas / Afla-OtaCLEAN / Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin (pdf | 520.49 KB) Egg Noodles, Wholemeal Spaghetti / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 467.7 KB) Marzipan / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 506.63 KB) Chestnuts / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 658.15 KB) Ramtilla / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 585.88 KB) Goji Berries / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 485.55 KB) Trail Mix / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 751.15 KB) Herbal Drugs / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 894.04 KB) Vitamin Tablets / BioteX / Biotin (pdf | 886.66 KB) Oat Flakes / DONeX / Deoxynivalenol (pdf | 760.73 KB) Hazelnut / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxine (pdf | 1.02 MB) Rye Bread / OtaCLEAN / Ochratoxin (pdf | 1.06 MB) Oat, Grain Food / BioteX / Biotin, Vitamin B7 (pdf | 679.11 KB) Figs / AflaCLEAN / Aflatoxins (pdf | 460.66 KB) Chia Seeds / AflaCLEAN, AflaCLEAN Select / Aflatoxins (pdf | 553.03 KB) Particulate Matter PM10 / SPE, EVA / PAH (pdf | 758.02 KB) AZO dyes / SPE, EVA, HPLC / Aromatic amines (pdf | 1.02 MB) Tobacco / QuEChERS / Pesticides (pdf | 689.16 KB) Honey / SPE / Chloramphenicol (pdf | 3.03 MB) PAH / GPC, EVA /Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pdf | 871.53 KB) PAH / GPC, EVA, HPLC Direct Injection /Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (pdf | 1.12 MB)
System Comparison and Accessoires

Mycotoxin Robotic Systems

FREESTYLE SPE  PFAS loaded with 3 racks | © LCTech GmbH

Unique: thermal denaturation. Full automation from the extract to the chromatogram in less than 20 minutes.

FREESTYLE SPE loaded with 3 racks | © LCTech GmbH
  • High sample throughput
  • Multimycotoxin clean-up
  • Cross contamination free
  • 24/7 with pressure monitoring
1 mycotoxin column each | © LCTech GmbH
Mycotoxin Columns

Find out here about highly-selective immunoaffinity columns (IAC), specific SPE columns or the unique CrossTOX® as a multi-toxin column from LCTech.

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