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Dioxin / PCB Analysis

DEXTech Pure: Solid Standard Solution in Dioxin Analysis

DEXTech Pure is the standard solution for users in dioxin / PCB analysis. It is used successfully worldwide in food and feed analysis as well as in environmental analysis. Even highly contaminated samples can be processed without carry-over.

All DEXTech devices are easy to use in the laboratory: simply click in the columns, start the sample and you're done. No plugging together, no screwing or other complicated actions!

The DEXTech Pure automatically carries out the clean-up of a wide range of applications. The default methods comply with all common standards such as US-EPA 8280B, US-EPA 1613, US-EPA 1668c, EU comission regulation (EC) No 589/214, No 1881/2006, No 152/2009, No 2002/32, GOST 34449-2018, Aroclor and others.

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The ideal system for daily work in the dioxin laboratory.
Simple, robust, low-maintenance.
DEXTech Pure

DEXTech Pure

DEXTech Pure loaded | © LCTech GmbH

The sample is loaded quantitatively into the system via this needle. The sample container is rinsed several times (quantitative transfer). During the rinsing processes, the needle is also cleaned inside and out to prevent contamination.

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The sample loop is used to focus the sample onto the silica column at the same time as the cleaning solution of the automated sample transfer. It is continuously flushed with fresh reagent and thus remains demonstrably contamination-free. By using a sample loop, the sample does not come into contact with either the syringe pump or the piston pump, allowing the system to be cleaned quickly.

This is how the system loads a sample:

The columns are clipped into the column tower in a few seconds. After pressing the start button, they are pressed together pressure-tight and the process is started. For your protection, the columns can only be pressed together when the door is closed. You can find the matching clean-up columns here.

Convince yourself of the easy handling in the following videos.

The syringe pump is used to load the sample onto the column. The sample does not come into contact with the pump, so that it always remains contamination-free.

All tubing connections are permanently installed and do not need to be conditioned or changed for each sample.

Via the touch display the user is guided through an intuitive operating program to start recommended and tested default methods for different approaches (e.g. dioxins and PCB or PCB only etc.) around methods stored in the system. Method development by the user is not required, yet programming of own methods remains possible.


Fractionation on All 
DEXTech Systems

Drawing fractionation Alox Plus Method | © LCTech GmbH
Alox Plus Method

3 Columns

2 Fractions
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
Mono-ortho-PCB + ndl-PCB + PBDE

Fraction 2 (10 mL):
Non-ortho-PCB + PCDD/F + PCNs

Total process time: 65 min
Total process time SMART: 45 min

Also available as DCM Free Method!

Drawing Fractionation Alox Pure Method | © LCTech GmbH
Alox Pure Methode

3 Columns

2 Fractions
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
Mono-ortho-PCB + ndl-PCB + Non-ortho-PCB

Fraction 2 (10 mL):

Total process time: 72 min
Total process time SMART: 52 min

Unique: All PCBs in one fraction!

Drawing Fractionation only Dioxin Method | © LCTech GmbH
Dioxin only  Method

2 Columns

1 Fraction
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
Fraction 2 (10 mL):

Total process time: 52 min
Total process time SMART: 32 min

Cost saving and DCM Free Method!

Drawing Fractionation PCB only method | © LCTech GmbH
PCB 209 or only PCB Method

- PCB only (Mono-ortho-PCB, + ndl-PCB, + non-ortho-PCB)

- PCB 209 (All 209 PCBs)

2 Columns

1 Fraction
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
PCB only
+ ndl-PCB,+ non-ortho-PCB)

Total process time: 54 min
Total process time SMART: 34 min

Fraction 1 (24 mL):
PCB 209 (All 209 PCBs)

Total process time: 33 min

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DEXTech Pure - The Solution for Purified Fractions
The DEXTech Pure separates PCBs and dioxins into one fraction each, so that subsequently a measurement of all PCBs and dioxins is possible in one GC-MS run each.

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