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Dioxin / PCB Analysis

DEXTech 16: Fully Automated with 15 Dioxin Samples in One Sequence!

The DEXTech 16 is the world's only system for sequential and unattended processing of 15 samples. A typical "walk-away" system: set up the samples, click in the columns, start the system and then let it work unattended. And it can be done during the day or overnight!

It can be used either to increase throughput or, for example, to reduce the workload of laboratory staff when the number of samples is lower. A new dimension in dioxin / PCB analysis without cross contamination! 

The DEXTech 16 default methods comply with all current standards such as US-EPA 8282B, 1613, 1668c, EU comission regulation (EC) No 589/214, No 1881/2006, No 152/2009, No 2002/32, GOST 34449-2018 and others.

For difficult matrices, such as room temperature curing samples, we recommend the DEXTech Heat.

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System at a glance

Clean up to 15 Samples in a Sequence Unattended

DEXTech 16 loaded | © LCTech GmbH

Easily accessible sample loop, valves and hose connections. All elements that come into contact with the sample are already rinsed during the process and thus remain contamination-free.

For the automatic feeding and collection of 15 cleaned samples in two fractions with dioxins and PCBs. The fraction glasses can be evaporated directly and without further transfer in the D-EVA.

to EVAporation

Insert up to 15 column sets in a few minutes. These are hermetically sealed by the system until they are used and thus protected against humidity. After the start of the sequence, a column set is transferred to the processing station and pressed there. After use and drying, the columns are automatically transferred back to the storage station. At the end of the sequence, the columns can be removed and a new sequence can be prepared immediately.

All functions of the system are controlled via the touch display. Recommended and tested standard methods for different objectives (e.g. dioxins and PCBs or PCBs only, etc.) are stored in the system so that no method development by the customer is required. Of course, own methods can also be implemented and stored.

Little effort - High throughput
Robust and low maintenance
DEXTech 16
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Dioxin and PCB Analysis is this Simple

With the sample preparation system DEXTech 16, LCTech has developed a sensation for PCB and dioxin analysis. The fully automatic clean-up of 15 samples in 1 sequence: for food, feed, environmental and biological samples. The system separates PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each.

Processing of 15 samples in 1 sequence around the clock, day and night: Find out how it works in the product video.


Fractionation on All 
DEXTech Systems

Drawing fractionation Alox Plus Method | © LCTech GmbH
Alox Plus Methode

3 Columns

2 Fractions
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
Mono-ortho-PCB + ndl-PCB + PBDE

Fraction 2 (10 mL):
Non-ortho-PCB + PCDD/F + PCNs

Total process time: 65 min
Total process time SMART: 45 min

Also available as DCM Free Method!

Drawing Fractionation Alox Pure Method | © LCTech GmbH
Alox Pure Methode

3 Columns

2 Fractions
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
Mono-ortho-PCB + ndl-PCB + Non-ortho-PCB

Fraction 2 (10 mL):

Total process time: 72 min
Total process time SMART: 52 min

Unique: All PCBs in one fraction!

Drawing Fractionation only Dioxin Method | © LCTech GmbH
Dioxin only Method

2 Columns

1 Fraction
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
Fraction 2 (10 mL):

Total process time: 52 min
Total process time SMART: 32 min

Cost saving and DCM Free Method!

Drawing Fractionation PCB only method | © LCTech GmbH
PCB 209 or only PCB Method

-  PCB only (Mono-ortho-PCB, + ndl-PCB, + non-ortho-PCB)

- PCB 209 (All 209 PCBs)

2 Columns

1 Fraction
Fraction 1 (24 mL):
PCB only
+ ndl-PCB,+ non-ortho-PCB)

Total process time: 54 min
Total process time SMART: 34 min

Fraction 1 (24 mL):
PCB 209 (All 209 PCBs)

Total process time: 33 min

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Fully Automated PCB and Dioxin Analysis
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DEXTech 16 The special automated sample clean-up in PCB- and dioxin-analysis

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