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Automated Sample Prep

As an innovation driver, LCTech sets the qualitative and functional standard in the automation of important phases of sample preparation, making laboratory work easier, safer and more economical.

For Persistent Difficulties

Contamination of Food and Feed

Approximately 25% of global food production is destroyed due to mycotoxin contamination. The analytical detection of toxins in food and feed is therefore of great importance for the health of the world's population and for economic efficiency.

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LCTech offers solutions for the entire dioxin sample preparation process. From extraction to analysis with robust, high-quality equipment, columns as well as continuous support from LCTech experts.

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For Current Challenges

PFAS in Environmental Samples

With the latest development of highly efficient SPE columns and state-of-the-art equipment, LCTech optimally supports sample preparation at every stage of the complete PFAS workflow.



Mycotoxin Workshop 2.-5. June 2024

This year the 45th Mycotoxin Workshop will take place from 2 - 5 June 2024 in Vienna (A).

There you will have the opportunity to listen to presentations by experts in mycotoxin research on the genetics of toxigenic fungi and their occurrence in food and feed.

You can also take part in discussions on biomarkers, toxicology and risk assessment. In addition, posters on various topics will be presented. LCTech mycotoxin expert Dr Frederik Wuppermann will also be present with his poster "SMART Matrix Removal for Multi-Mycotoxin Analysis Using CRossTOX® Columns".

Analytica 2024
LCTech at Analytica 2024

The analytica 2024 was once again a great experience and a pleasure to meet many familiar and new faces live.

The personal exchange was very lively and very varied thanks to the cooperation with our partners from the Skalar Group.

We had the opportunity to explain our exhibited systems, such as the FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ and the DEXTech Heat, briefly and concisely but also in detail to numerous interested parties.

Conclusion: The analytica is a MUST event that also brings pleasure and success.

April Servicetraining in Obertaufkirchen

The extensive service training consists of comprehensive introductions to the latest technical developments of FREESTYLE SPE / EVA and XANA as well as detailed hardware and software training. We provide deeper insights into our technical systems and applications so that our sales partners can handle customer enquiries more efficiently and accurately.
Regular in-house training for technical service is one of LCTech's concepts for success. This way, our sales partners are well equipped to meet customer expectations and provide high-quality service.

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Advancing Automation Together – Battery-backed Skalar Group Acquires EST Analytical and TSHR

Skalar Group proudly announces the acquisition of EST Analytical and TSHR, marking a significant expansion of our capabilities in laboratory automation. With EST Analytical's expertise in gas chromatography (GC) sample preparation and TSHR's advanced elemental combustion analyzers, we're poised to deliver even greater value to our customers worldwide.

As we continue to advance automation together, we remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled service to our customers. Stay tuned for more updates on how this acquisition will enhance our offerings and benefit our valued partners.


Bulgaria embraces the benefits of the FREESTYLE SPE

The "Forensic Research Institute of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior" significantly speeds up the processing of drug tests. The key to this success is LCTech's bidirectional FREESTYLE SPE, which automatically processes driver samples and plays an essential role in making Bulgarian road traffic safer! 

The substantial reduction in preparation time allows for considerably faster court proceedings, as reported by Bulgaria's Prime Minister Nikolaj Denkow, Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel and Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov on the country's news channels. The politicians see this as an crucial step in the fight against drug-related traffic accidents and for more justice, especially for traumatized survivors of traffic victims. 

More videos : – Nova TV, national private media - BNT - Bulgarian National Television.

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Product of the Month

The AflaCLEAN SMART column not only impresses with its small size (3 cm), but also with its reduced solvent consumption, shorter processing time and, of course, lower price.

On the hunt with AflaCLEAN SMART.


Latest Publications from LCTech

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Application note "Extraction of PFAS from Soil Using EluCLEAN® PFAS SPE Columns"

This AppNote shows a new single SPE cartridge solution with a polymeric sorbent optimized for PFAS enrichment. The EluCLEAN® PFAS - WAX/GCB SPE column can equivalently replace the dispersing clean-up step and the WAX SPE cartridge used in US EPA 1633 (4th draft). This innovative method saves valuable time and costs.

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Aflatoxin analysis of almond and sesame products

Almonds and sesame seeds are very often contaminated with aflatoxins. If they exceed the legal limits, they are withdrawn from the market or not permitted for trading. The AflaCLEAN columns provide an extremely qualitative, robust and sensitive tool for mycotoxin clean-up of foodstuff.

Mykotoxin AppNote verfügbar

Mycotoxin application note available

"Clean-up and Concentration of
Chloramphenicol and Malachite green
from Animal Products and Honey
for Residue Analysis"

Dr. Frederik N. Wuppermann, LCTech GmbH

LCTech Events News

Application note "D-EVA PFAS" available

D-EVA – Automated Evaporation of PFAS Samples.
(Compliant to US EPA 1633, 537.1, 533, DoD QSM 5.4, DIN 3840742 and 38414-14, EU 2020/2184, ISO 21675-2019)


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From automation for sample preparation to consumables for analysis and professional training, LCTech offers everything a professional laboratory needs and various well-known institutions in the pharmaceutical and research industries appreciate.

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