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As an innovation driver, LCTech sets the qualitative and functional standard in the automation of important phases of sample preparation, making laboratory work easier, safer and more economical.

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For Persistent Difficulties
Contamination of Food and Feed 
with Mycotoxins

Approximately 25 % of global food production is destroyed due to mycotoxin contamination. The analytical detection of toxins in food and feed is therefore of great importance for the health of the world's population and for economic efficiency.

Mycotoxin Products
For current challenges | © PFAS in environmental samples
For Current Challenges
For Example PFAS in Environmental Samples

With the latest development of highly efficient SPE columns and state-of-the-art equipment, LCTech optimally supports sample preparation at every stage of the complete PFAS workflow.

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For Experts

LCTech offers solutions for the entire dioxin sample preparation process. From extraction to analysis with robust, high-quality equipment, columns as well as continuous support from LCTech experts.

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Sales Training at LCTech

This week is all about training our distributors to sell our products. We have guests from all over the world, from Italy to Canada, visiting us in Obertaufkirchen. In addition to current product presentations by our product managers, our dealers will also be provided with the latest knowledge from the industry and marketing material. The lively exchange among each other is also a highlight of this exciting sales week. We are pleased about the great interest and wish you a good time in Bavaria.

SETAC in Dublin

The conference of SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) took place in Dublin from April 30th to May 4th. The event attracted numerous participants from around the world to exchange the latest findings in toxicological and chemical analysis, as well as research and development in the field of global environmental issues. Our PFAS expert, Dr. Thomas Gersthagen, was present and gave a poster presentation on the topic "Development of Suitable Methods for PFAS Sample Preparation in Different Matrices."

29 - 30 March: HPST Spring Seminar in Ostrava and Brno (Czech Republic)

Since the European Water Framework Directive has been binding for all European countries in January, customers in CZ are also looking for ways to implement their water analysis safely in the future - LCTech's XANA is ideal for this purpose. Mrs. Angelika Köpf (Head of Sales) was on site as a speaker and presented the extended portfolio of LCTech with SPE columns, X-TRACTION and MIX-TRACTION. 

DEXTech 16 at Installation  SciSpec in Thailand | © DEXTech 16 at Installation  SciSpec in Thailand
Successful Installation of a DEXTech 16 in Thailand

LCTech's DEXTech 16 has been successfully installed at SciSpec in Thailand. It is the only system in the world for sequential and unattended processing of 15 samples. A typical "walk-away" system: set up samples, click in columns, start the system and then let it (process) unattended.

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Product of the Month

The FREESTYLE XANA PFAS TableTop is well-prepared for the requirements relating to PFAS. The analytical challenges are overcome by replacing all PTFE-containing components with blank value-free materials, such as PE and PP. This enables method-compliant sample processing according to US EPA standards (e.g. 537.1, 533, 1633) and DIN 38407-42 without producing blank values.


Latest news from LCTech

AppNote "Multi-Mycotoxin Analysis".

In our current application note, our in-house laboratory has cleaned-up various matrices (rice, oats, maize, wheat, millet) using the CrossTOX® multi-mycotoxin column.

With this column, up to 18 mycotoxins can be quantified reproducibly using LC-MS/MS.


In the latest issue of chrom+food FORUM, our PFAS expert Dr Thomas Gersthagen presented his article "News from sample preparation in PFAS analytics". In it, various recoveries of PFAS analytes from arable soil, drinking water and foodstuffs such as minced meat, carrot and egg yolk are presented and explained. The measurements were carried out with different systems from LCTech. Crucial for the reliable and reproducible results are the EluCLEAN®PFAS SPE columns from LCTech. Specially developed and manufactured for the optimised workflow in sample preparation for solid as well as aqueous samples.


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What can LCTech do for you?

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The wide product range makes sample preparation in the field of water analysis immensely easier: from automated systems to manual devices and columns, everything from a single source.

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Food and Feed

Both food and feed manufacturers as well as laboratories with low analysis numbers or high throughput, will find unique automation concepts for cost-effective analysis at LCTech.


Laboratories are commissioned to examine samples of air, water and soil for pollutants or contaminants. It is crucial to always be up to date with the latest national and international regulations. LCTech ensures this with constant improvements and adjustments.

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LCTech offers product solutions for the extraction, clean-up and concentration of these chemicals in the field of sample preparation from food, environmental samples and all types of water.

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Even the smallest concentrations of these substance classes can cause severe toxic effects, which makes highly developed analysis and sample preparation necessary. LCTech offers unique technical solutions for this.

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Pesticides, PAH

Especially in the context of the revised DFG S19 (L 00.00-34) and other analytical methods, such as the AOAC methods 984.21, EN 12393 and EN 1528, LCTech offers with the FREESTYLE system a comprehensive product range that provides the right level of automation for every user.


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Training by and for Experts

Are you planning to set up a laboratory or would you like to professionally train your team on the analysis of dioxins and PCBs?

Learn more about the special requirements for laboratories in ultratrace analysis from our experts.

  • Avoidance of risks such as permanent contamination of the laboratory
  • Professionale Chromatographic interpretation: Avoidance of false-positive results
  • Shortening of the dioxin laboratory set-up time by several months thanks to experienced experts
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Service for your laboratory requirements:

Installation of new devices, device training, spare parts, maintenance or repair: Our competent service team will be happy to support you!

Contact us by e-mail at service@LCTech.de 
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Outside Germany, please contact our respective local distributor first and have the serial number ready in case of questions regarding your LCTech device.

"Innovation and reliability have been the basis of our success for over 25 years."
Michael Baumann, Managing Director and Founder of LCTech
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The Company LCTech

From automation for sample preparation to consumables for analysis and professional training, LCTech offers everything a professional laboratory needs and various renowned institutions from the pharmaceutical and research sectors appreciate.

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LCTech is represented worldwide by a well-developed network of distributors and is itself the exclusive distributor of PICKERING Laboratories in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS states.

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...customers from numerous industries rely on LCTech's many years of experience.

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