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Vacuum Manifold

EluVac™: For Food, Feed, Water and Environmental Samples

The EluVac™ vacuum manifold enables the simultaneous processing of up to 20 samples under vacuum. The round design offers good accessibility and space-saving sample preparation in just a few steps.

  • Chemical-resistant material to process various applications in the food and environmental sector
  • Suitable for SPE clean-up, mycotoxin sample clean-up, filtration
  • Suitable for HPLC and LC-MS/MS analysis
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What can EluVac™ do?

The EluVac™ vacuum manifold is the ideal solution for enriching and isolating analytes in solid phase extraction (SPE).

The EluVac™ can be adapted quickly and easily to a wide range of solid phase extractions. Various containers can be integrated into the system to collect the eluates. EluVac™ can be used universally to clean up food, feed and environmental samples as well as in pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology or material research.

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Example SET FOR Mycotoxin clean-up

The EluVac™ in a Set

Consisting of:
Holder for 100 mL sample containers and eluate use for 4 mL vials, although without sample reservoirs and without vials
Order no. 12415

Sample reservoirs, 100 mL, for 3 mL standard SPE columns, reusable, with screw connection; 2 pieces/pack 
Order no. 10896

Vials, 4 mL, clear glass, flat base, pack with 100 pieces
Order no. V0004
(septa and closure on request)

Vacuum pump diaphragm “chemical version”
Order no. 13402

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Vacuum Manifold EluVac for Mycotoxin Analysis
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Vacuum Manifold EluVac for Large Volume Water Samples
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