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Flexible, Precise, Modular

FREESTYLE Basic: The Basis of Flexibility

The FREESTYLE system is always based on the same kit and is equipped with the modules necessary for the respective intended purpose. These modules can be retrofitted at any time, making the FREESTYLE system particularly responsive to changing requirements in the laboratory and perfectly suitable for both small and high-throughput laboratories.

The FREESTYLE BASIC consists of an xyz robot with injection pump, sample loop, solvent distribution and double-walled needle. 

FREESTYLE Basic with rack | © FREESTYLE Basic mit Rack

Modules – Individual or in Combination

The modules with which the BASIC element is equipped are selected in the software. This permits the selection of individual modules or even a combination of several modules. This means, for example, for SPE solid phase extraction, the SPE steps can be carried out separately or, in combination with the EVAporation module, the subsequent concentration can also be automated, including any necessary solvent exchange.

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Freely selectable position on the comb bar


The required racks are simply hooked into the comb bar. Their position is not predetermined. The user selects the method required for the application in the software along with the rack types and saves these together. The saved method can be selected again at any time and can also be modified. Afterwards, the user connects the rack position and rack type in the software with just a few mouse clicks. Positions, dimensions and container volumes are thus clearly identified.


Flexible Configuration

FREESTYLE can be configured for numerous applications

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Both the antibodies and the clean-up columns from LCTech meet the high demands on sample pre-cleaning for mycotoxin analysis and are ensured in extensive quality tests.

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To analyse these “forever” chemicals when preparing samples from food, environmental samples, and all types of water, LCTech offers solutions for blank-value-free extraction, clean-up and concentration.

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FREESTYLE Pesticides

With the FREESTYLE system, LCTech offers a comprehensive product range that provides the right degree of automation for every user, particularly within the scope of the revised DFG S19 (L 00.00-34) and other analysis methods, such as the AOAC methods 984.21, EN 12393 and EN 1528.

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Within forensics and toxicology, there are often samples that are considered difficult to process due to their characteristics. These could be, for instance, especially viscose samples or samples with protein filaments. These often lead to deposits in tubings and valves and ultimately cause blockages. LCTech offers a technically brilliant solution for these particularly difficult samples.


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