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Parallel and Fast Concentration of Your Samples

Dioxins and PCB

D-EVA Vacuum Concentration

Before or after sample clean-up in PCB and dioxin analysis, it is often necessary to concentrate the samples to a lower volume. 

D-EVA (Dioxin-Evaporation) is a brilliant solution for fast, parallel, and reproducible evaporation of 1 – 26 samples. The number of samples to be processed in the rotor is irrelevant in this regard.

The system concentrates your samples with vacuum and energy supply via light to a low volume and reliable prevents evaporation to dryness due to a special LCTech sensor.

Automatic Stop for Unattended Processing

The LCTech sensor allows reliable evaporation nearly to dryness or as usually to a final volume of 30 to 100 µL for the PCDD/F-Fraction (F2) or a final volume of 300 to 500 µL for the PCB-Fraction (F1). Even with rinsing, the subsequent transfer into the insert of a GC-vial is possible. Due to design and the special technology, memory effect that would lead to unwanted further evaporation after the system has been switched off, is reliable excluded.

Further Benefits

  • D-EVA is very space-saving, since only one instrument is necessary for the parallel processing of large amount of samples – independent of sample number.
  • No cleaning steps during the entire process
  • Moderate speed during centrifugation results in a centrifugal force which reliably prevents boiling retardation
  • A cold trap that collects the solvent prevents vapour in the laboratory and enables easy disposal.
  • Different rotors for different container
  • No cross-contamination