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Extraction Device

The next generation extraction device

A good extraction is the base of every analysis. The X-TRACTION system works according to the Pressurized Fluid Extraction (PFE) principle. The innovative design and the LCTech process make the system unique and offer many advantages:


  • Simplest handling - exceptionally easy handling of the extraction cell without tools
  • Solvent-saving process - short cycles and only 10 - 20 mL solvent needed for rinsing
  • Cost-saving - extremely few consumables needed
  • Time saving - very short extraction times
  • Extremely low maintenance - fast "plug & use" installation and low operating costs


As simple as it is ingenious - The extraction cell

The cell lids, equipped with magnets, allow exceptionally easy opening and closing without threads or additional tools. The cell has a capacity of up to 75 mL and is composed of only a few parts. The stainless steel design makes it particularly robust.

Flexibility for maximum performance

To parallelize your process, the basic module can be directly adapted to your needs via data cable with up to 5 expansion modules - retrofittable at any time.

Flexible editing options of the modules via central touchpad - the choice is yours:

  • Individual: All systems with different methods
  • Parallel: All systems, simultaneously with the same method.
  • Mixed-mode: Any number of modules linked with the same method.
    Remaining modules individually.

More features:

  •   No cross contamination
  •   High reproducibility
  •   Crucial safety functions
  •   Few consumables: Only 1 glass fiber filter per sample

The X-TRACTION is applicable for the extraction of dioxins and PCBs according to US EPA method 3545A. Extraction tests for other POPs like PBDE, PCN, PFOS etc. will follow soon.


Excellent precision and reproducibility after 3,2 and 1 cycles by the example of a feed sample

Also in comparison with the client's Soxhlet routine

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