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QuEChERS Columns

QuEChERS à la LCTech is based on a non-dispersive method and has specially adapted columns. This covers almost all matrices within pesticide analysis in food and feed:

  • Classic QuEChERS
    column for fruit and vegetables
  • Special QuEChERS
    column for tea, spices and hops
  • Extra QuEChERS
    column for matrices with high fat content (> 10%)

The non-dispersive application with the columns leads to better chromatography due to the high purification and the associated reduced matrix ion suppression. This is reflected in very good recoveries with high reproducibility. After purification, the extract is eluted into a 4 mL vial and an aliquot of it is injected on-line via the HPLC Direct-Injection Module directly into the LC-MS/MS system. This way, the chromatogram is obtained without a manual step. The rest of the eluate remains in the vial and can be used for further analyses, e.g. for GC-MS/MS or as a reserve sample.

Ordering Information LCTech Columns for QuEChERS Method

  Manually Automated  
Pesticide I Classic QuEChERS Column P/N 19853 P/N 16301 for Fruit and vegetables
Pesticide II Special QuEChERS Column P/N 19854 P/N 16683 for tea, spices and hops
Pesticide III Extra QuEChERS Column P/N 19855 P/N 16685 for Matrices with high content of fat (>10 %)