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Small + Fast + Economical = SMART

The AflaCLEAN SMART columns are available in a small 3 cm polypropylene format, which has significant handling and storage advantages over larger columns.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Size: only 3 cm
  • Solvent saving of 80 % due to miniaturisation
  • Shelf life: 9 months cooled at 4 to 8 °C
  • Loading capacity: 100 ng ochratoxin A
  • Recoveries: > 80 %
  • Suitable for manual and automated processing

Functionality of the Columns

The column bed consists of a soft-gel, which is covered by a storage buffer. The storage buffer contains a preservative. The maximum loading capacity is 100 ng ochratoxin A. The minimum shelf life of the columns is 9 months at a storage temperature of 4 °C. Clean-up with OtaCLEAN SMART can be done either manually or automatically with the robotic system FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™.

Reduced solvent consumption, fast sample handling

The OtaCLEAN SMART immunoaffinity columns for Ochratoxin A convince not only by their small size and low price, but also through reduced solvent usage, shorter processing time and very good recovery rates. These are suited for clean-up of samples for subsequent aflatoxin analysis. With a loading capacity of 100 ng ochratoxin A, they are AOAC compliant.

With their use in extraction, dilution, rinsing, sample loading and elution, more than 80 % of the solvents can be saved. Processing time is also reduced in key steps of the clean-up procedure when using OtaCLEAN SMART. For example, emptying of the column is not necessary and sample loading and washing of the column only takes 8 minutes at the most with a 10 mL sample volume (max. recommended sample volume) and a flow rate of 1.5 mL/min. Since a maximum of only 400 µL are used for elution, processing time will be reduced even further.

The working mode is based on the principles of immunoaffinity with elevated flow rates and downscaled elution volume to reduce time which might be needed for evaporation of the sample. The material within the column is covered with antibodies which are directed against Ochratoxin A. Upon application of a raw extract onto the column, the ochratoxin A is retained, whereas the remaining matrix components pass through the column. After a washing step, the ochratoxin A can be eluted quantitatively from the column with methanol and subsequently measured with HPLC.

Quality is important to us!

Since the antibodies as well as the immunoaffinity columns are produced by LCTech, numerous in-house quality tests over the whole production process guarantee a persistent quality. LCTech meets the high demands of European and international legal requirements concerning mycotoxin analysis and controls every single production step. A detailed quality certificate is included in each pack.

Recovery Rates

Exemplary recovery rates of various matrices are shown in the following. The results correspond to the performance specifications of EC 401 / 2006 (Section 4.3.1):

Matrix OTA
Beer 97
Chili 98
Coffee 98
Maize 101
Dog Feed 104
Hamster Feed 99


In the following some exemplary chromatograms are shown, which were obtained by using OtaCLEAN SMART columns:

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