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Ochratoxin A


About Ochratoxin A

Ochratoxin A is a naturally occurring mycotoxin, which is highly toxic for humans and animals. Ochratoxin a is produced by various Aspergillus and Penicillium species as primary contaminant in various food and feed stuffs.

Especially for the purifiication of ochratoxin A in food and feed, LCTech developed the immunoaffinity columns OtaCLEAN and OtaCLEAN SMART. The columns guarantee best results even at difficult matrices. 

The columns posses a very high matrix tolerance and are able to bind ochratoxin A highly specific. The columns are suitable for the manual processing and for fully automated processing.

Sample Preparation and Analysis

Precise, simple and fast with LCTech products. In our myxotoxin brochure you find everything about mycotoxins.
Download here:  Mycotoxin brochure (pdf|1.6 MB)


Immunoaffinity Columns OtaCLEAN

The columns are available in a practical 3 mL polypropylene format. A big advantage of the columns is their long shelf life of 24 months even when stored at room temperature without compromising its high quality.
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Immunoaffinity Columns OtaCLEAN SMART

Use the OtaCLEAN SMART columns for a shorter processing of your samples. Shelf life is 9 months cooled at 4 to 8 °C. The loading capacity is 100 ng Ochratoxin A.
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