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Aflatoxins B/G, Ochratoxin A and Zearalenone in Corn


Clean-up 3 in 1

Considering that mycotoxins are often found together in samples, the clean-up of several toxins in one workflow leads to an enormous time and solvent saving. Furthermore, if the clean-up is done with a small 3 cm column format, the saving is enhanced considerably.

LCTech developed a SMART column format which can be individually combined dependent on the respective toxins. Due to that fact you can for example combine the immunoaffinity columns AflaCLEAN SMART, OtaCLEAN SMART and ZeaCLEAN SMART either for the clean-up of one, two or even three toxin groups at once. 

The SMART columns are AOAC-conform. Since LCTech produces both, antibodies and clean-up columns, comprehensive quality testing throughout the entire manufacturing process ensures high product quality. The clean-up columns are, suitable for the automated processing in the FREESTYLE ThermELUTEā„¢, if used separately.

SMART combined

Protocol of Processing

Homogenise 20 g of corn and extract the sample with 100 mL methanol/water (80/20 (v/v)). Depending on the extraction apparatus, carry out the extraction for 10 - 20 minutes using a magnetic stirrer or for 3 - 5 minutes using an Ultraturrax to avoid lower extraction efficiencies. Filtrate the raw extract and dilute 5 mL of it with 35 mL PBS.  Afterwards filtrate the diluted extract again with a Whatman glass fiber filter in order to remove turbidites.

Stack the SMART columns on the top of the other. Please consider to position the ZeaCLEAN SMART column always at the bottom, so that the AflaCLEAN SMART column can bind the aflatoxins and the OtaCLEAN the ochratoxins beforehand. Load 10 mL of the sample (represents 0,25 matrix) with a flow rate of 1.5 mL onto the corresponding SMART column. Wash the sample reservoir with 2 mL deionised water and load this solution also onto the column.

Elute the columns either with acetonitrile, or alternative the AflaCLEAN SMART and OtaCLEAN SMART with methanol and only the ZeaCLEAN SMART with acetonitrile. Keep in mind, that the elution solution incubates for 5 minutes into the column bed, before collecting the eluate. Dry the column with an air flush and collect the rest of the eluate, too.

Find more Details, Recovery Rates, HPLC-Conditions and Chromatograms here.

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