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Ochratoxin A in Trail Mix


Sample Preparation - Manual and Automated

Trail Mix ("Student Feed")

Since the 17th century „student feed“ is a common name for the mix of nuts and dried fruit in Germany. Though the trail mix is extremely high of calories, it also provides heaps of energy, vitamins and minerals and thus is a very popular snack for young and old. The risk of contamination in such foodstuffs arises from storage and pre-products which may be contaminated with mold.

Immunoaffinity Columns OtaCLEAN for Ochratoxin A

Ochratoxin A is a naturally occurring mycotoxin, which is produced by various Aspergillus and Penicillium species as primary contaminant in various food and feed stuffs. This year the rapid alert system RASFF has found high concentrations of ochratoxin A in nuts and aflatoxins in nut-raisin mixes. For sample preparation and analysis of ochratoxin A in food and feed LCTech developed the immunoaffinity columns OtaCLEAN. The columns possess a very high matrix tolerance and are able to bind ochratoxin A with a very high specificity. They are available in a convenient 3 mL format as well as in a 1 mL format. For even faster automated processing we provide OtaCLEAN SMART columns with a size of only 3 cm. 

Automated Processing with FREESTYLE SPE

Clean-up with OtaCLEAN can be done either manually or automatically with FREESTYLE SPE. The robotic system takes over routine laboratory tasks around the clock and even at weekends.

The system processes unattended, yet reliably, various applications for mycotoxin analysis. Extract, filtrate and dilute the trail mix according to the description of the manual processing. Put your samples into the FREESTYLE SPE, equip the racks with OtaCLEAN columns columns, choose the method from the software and press the start button.

Protocol of Manual Processing

Homogenise 10 g of trail mix (nut-raisins mix) and add 1 g of sodium chloride. Extract the sample with 50 mL methanol/water (80/20 (v/v)) and dilute 15 mL with 60 mL PBS. 

Filtrate the diluted sample again trough a glass fiber filter, in order to remove turbidities and precipitations. Load 50 mL of the filtrated sample (represents 2 g matrix) onto the immunoaffinity column OtaCLEAN with a maximum flow rate of 2mL/min. Wash the column with 10 mL deionized water, which was used for rinsing of the sample reservoir.

Dry the column by flushing air through it and add afterwards 2 mL methanol to elute the toxin. Keep in mind that the column bed is incubated with methanol for at least 5 minutes in order to ensure the complete denaturation of the antibodies.

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