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Ochratoxin A in Chili


Chilis are the hot relatives of paprika. Worldwide there are over a hundred varieties of chili with different levels of spiciness. Spices enhances our food. They often are imported, mostly from Asia. However, they not always meet our quality requirements. By drying and storage of food, mycotoxins can be arised. Therefore, aflatoxins and ochratoxin A repeatedly lead to rejections of the food at the controls of the EU.

Fully Automated Processing via FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ and OtaCLEAN SMART

The challenge many laboratories have to face nowadays is to be able to process many samples as quickly as possible. To facilitate this task, LCTech has developed the OtaCLEAN SMART immunoaffinity column for the analysis of ochratoxin A in food. Through miniaturization of the column, not only the processing time of the sample is dramatically reduced, but also the required amounts of sample and solvent, while the high performance of the columns remains the same. Like the other LCTech SMART columns, the operating mechanism is based on the principle of immunoaffinity chromatography with increased flow rates and a customized, small elution volume in order to shorten the processing time.

The robotic system FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ in combination with the immunoaffinity columns OtaCLEAN SMART and any HPLC system enables a fully automated mycotoxin analysis with such sensitive results, that you can be sure always to measure even in the lowest ppt-range. By means of a unique technique, the comprehensive automation „from raw extract to chromatogram“ is realised without any manual intervention for processing around the clock. 

The Highlights:

  • High sample throughput up to 500 samples / week 
  • Automation for sample processing round the clock, even at weekends
  • Incredible sensitivity in the lower ppt-region
  • Very good recovery rates for all matrices
  • Reproducible results

Protocol of Manual Processing

Homogenise 10 g chili and add 2 g of sodium chloride. Extract the mixture with 100 mL methanol/water (80/20 (v/v)) and 50 mL n-hexane, to remove fat and essential oils. The extraction should be performed for 20 minutes, in order to avoid lower extraction effects. Filtrate the raw extract and dilute 2 mL with 12 mL PBS (contains 8 % Tween20).

The robotic system FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ loads the sample fully automated onto the immunoaffinity column OtaCLEAN SMART. Afterwards the system washes the column with 2 mL of diluted phosphate buffer (0.002 % PBS). 

The column will be thermal eluted via ThermELUTE™ technology and directly injected into the HPLC sample loop. As result you achieve very good and high resolution chromatograms.

Find more Details, Recovery Rates, HPLC-Conditions and Chromatograms here.

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