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Aflatoxins B/G in Pistachio Paste


Immunoaffinity Columns AflaCLEAN for Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2

Sample Preparation and Analysis

The immunoaffinity columns AflaCLEAN are developed for the sample preparation within the food analysis by HPLC with fluorescence detection and LC-MS, respectively.

They are designed for the clean-up of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in food and feed. The columns possess a very high matrix tolerance and are able to bind aflatoxins with a very high specificity. With only three provided extraction protocols, all matrices from A, for Apricot, to Z for Zest, can be tested whilst obtaining excellent recovery rates. 

The AflaCLEAN columns are available in a practical 3 mL polypropylene format. Special advantages of the columns include their shelf life of 24 month from the date of manufacture, and storage at room temperature without compromising quality. The loading capacity is 150 ng B1 with recoveries of > 90 %. 

Automated Preparation via FREESTYLE SPE

Every manual method that has proved successfully in your laboratory can be automated without any problems. With FREESTYLE SPE you can process many different SPE-column formats from 1 to 15 mL, like e. g. the immunoaffinity columns AflaCLEAN of LCTech. 

Extract, filtrate and dilute the pistachio paste according to the description of the manual processing. Put your samples into the FREESTYLE SPE, equip the racks with the AflaCLEAN columns, choose the method from the software and press the start button.

Protocol of Manual Processing

Homogenize 20 g of pistachio paste and add 2 g sodium chloride. Extract the sample material with 100 mL (methanol/water (80/20 (v/v)) and 50 mL n-hexane to remove fat and essential oils. The extraction should be conducted for at least 10 minutes.

Filtrate the raw extract and dilute 2 mL with 12 mL PBS (contains 8 % Tween). Load 14 mL (represents thereof 0.4 g) onto the AflaCLEAN and wash the immunoaffinity column with 10 mL deionized water.

Dry the column by flushing air through it and elute the toxins afterwards with 2 mL methanol. Keep in mind that the column bed is incubated with methanol for at least 5 minutes in order to ensure the complete denaturation of the antibody.

Find more Details, Recovery Rates, HPLC-Conditions and Chromatograms here.  

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