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Zearalenone in Chicken Feed


Sample Preparation and Analysis

Affinity Columns ZeaCLEAN SMART 

The affinity columns ZeaCLEAN SMART are available in a small 3 cm polypropylene format, which is especially developed for high sample throughput in food and feed analysis by HPLC with fluorescence detection and LC-MS.

With their use in extraction, dilution, rinsing, sample loading and elution, more than 80 % of the solvents cans be saved. The affinity columns ZeaCLEAN SMART, are designed for sample clean-up of cereal and oil samples for subsequent mycotoxin analysis. The clean-up can be done either manually or automatically.

Fully Automated Sample Preparation via FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™

The optimal combination of FREESTYLE and SMART columns enables a fully automated processing of samples from raw extract to chromatogram with excellent recovery rates for all matrices.  The robotic system FREESTYLE, equipped with the SPE and the ThermELUTE™ module, leads to a very sensitive measurement, reproducible results and a high sample throughput.

Protocol of Manual Processing

Extract 20 g of homogenised chicken feed through 100 mL methanol / water (80/20 (v/v)) for 10 minutes. Filtrate the raw extract and dilute 5 mL with 35 mL PBS. In order to remove turbity, filtrate the sample afterwards with a GF/A whatman filter.

Load 20 mL of the  sample onto the ZeaCLEAN SMART column (represents 0.5 g). Wash the column and the gard-column with 4 mL (20 %) acetonitrile in HPLC-water. Eluate by adding 400 µL of acetonitrile and dilute into fluidic conditions. Keep in mind that the column bed is incubated with methanol for at least 5 minutes before the eluate will be collected.

Inject the sample afterwards into the HPLC.

Find more Details, Recovery Rates, HPLC-Conditions and Chromatograms here.  

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