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Aflatoxine B/G in Dried Garlic


The Marvellous Garlic

Did you know that garlic is also used in medicine? It keeps blood, heart and blood vessels healthy, disinfects the intestines and has remarkable pharmacological effects. Garlic contains the active ingredient „allicin“, which is responsible for the healing properties. Allicin fights harmful bacteria, viruses, larvae and fungi without any negative influence on the intestinal flora - unlike pharmaceutical antibiotica. 

In order to ensure that the permissible pollutant regulations are observed when importing dried garlic, they must be constantly monitored for dangerous moulds (mycotoxins). This month we have examined garlic for you and checked for aflatoxins B/G. You’ll find the manual processing protocol, a chromatogram and recovery rates on the next page.

Automated Sample Processing: FREESTYLE SPE Makes It Possible

The FREESTYLE system takes over daily routine tasks in the laboratory, but also offers users the unique opportunity to combine specific working steps that were previously carried out individually

And all this during day, at night and even at weekends.

Any manual method that has proven itself in your laboratory can be transferred directly to the system. New created methods can be saved and reused or modified afterwards. 

Simply carry out the preparatory processing steps described on the following page. Position the sample in the FREESTYLE SPE afterwards, parameterize the method in the software with a few mouse clicks, and start the system - done.

Preparatory Processing Steps

Homogenise 10 g of dried garlic and add 2 g of sodium chloride. Extract the mixture through 100 mL methanol/water (80/20 (v/v)). In order to remove fat and essential oils, add 50 mL of n-hexane during initial extraction. Continue the extraction for at least 30 minutes to ensure high extraction efficiencies. 

Protocol for Further Manual Processing

Filtrate the raw extract and dilute 2 mL of the n-hexane free (lower) phase with 12 mL of PBS (contains 8 % Tween). Afterwards, load 14 mL of sample (represents 0.2 g matrix) onto an immunoaffinity column AflaCLEAN Select.

Wash the sample reservoir afterwards with 2 x 5 mL deionised water and load this solution also onto the column. Dry the column with a short flush of air and elute it with 2 mL of methanol. Keep in mind that the column bed is incubated with methanol for 5 minutes in order to ensure a fully denaturation of the antibodies and release of toxins.

Find more Details, Recovery Rates, HPLC-Conditions and Chromatograms here.

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