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Aflatoxins B/G in Cinnamon


Fully automated with FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™

Sample Preparation and Analysis

Aflatoxins are naturally occurring mycotoxins, which are highly toxic for humans and animals. They are produced by mold (e.g. Aspergillus flavus) as primary contaminants in various food and feed. Aflatoxins are found in nuts (e.g. peanuts, pistachio), corn and many other foodstuffs. Especially for this application field LCTech delevoped the immunoaffinity column AflaCLEAN SMART. The columns guarantee best results even for difficult matrices. The processing is particulary easy in combination with the FREESTYLE robotic system for fully automated sample preparation, day and night, including weekends.

Automated Processing with FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™

The FREESTYLE system is combined with a SPE module and a ThermELUTE™ module. In this configuration, the convenient SMART immunoaffinity columns are processed fully automated in a very short period of time. The sample is directly eluted into an HPLC sample loop. Losses through evaporation or adsorption effects (e.g. with aflatoxins) are thereby avoided. FREESTYLE SPE in combination with ThermELUTE™ and SMART columns are the core elements for complete automation. No other device reduces workload, while ensuring a constant increase of sample throughput at the same time.

SMART columns - small insize, but yet the solution for high throughput in the analysis of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, and M1 or ochratoxin A in food and feed. Extract, filtrate and dilute the eluent according to the processing protocol. Put your samples into the FREESTYLE, equip the racks with the SMART columns, configure the required method in the easy to operate software and press the start button. From now on the processing is taken over by the FREESTYLE system resulting in a finished chromatogram.

Protocol of Manual Processing

Use 10 g of homogenised cinnamon and add 2 g of sodium chloride. Extract it with 100 mL methanol/water (80/20 (v/v)) and 50 mL of n-hexane to remove fat and essential oils. The extration should be conducted for at least 30 minutes, to avoid lowering extraction efficiencies. Filtrate the raw extract anddilute 2 mL with 12 mL PBS (containing 8 % Tween).

After positioning the samples into the FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™, the system loads 2.8 mL onto the AflaCLEAN SMART column. The column will be washed automatically with 2 mL of de-ionised water, eluted via ThermELUTE™ technology. Finally the sample will be directly injected into the HPLC.

The results are excellent, high-resolution chromatograms of maximum 15 minutes timeframe.

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