One of the most common routine applications is the determination of the Hydrocarbon Oil Index in water according to EN ISO 9377-2 (H53 Method).

Florisil® Ready-to-use Glass Columns Elufix

As highly selective adsorbent Florisil® is broadly used in preparative and analytical chromatography: for the clean-up of pesticide residues, for the isolation of antibiotica and alkaloids, for vitamin assays, etc. 

The Elufix columns by LCTech are optionally filled with 1 g, 2 g, 4 g, or 10 g activated Florisil® and 1 g or 2 g anhydrous sodium sulfate. The use of inert materials like glass or PTFE excludes interactions with the analytes as well as contaminations. LCTech checks each Florisil® lot to quality and documents the result in an added certificate according to the ISO method.

The columns are ready-to-use: simply take them out of the packaging and employ them. No more laborious cleaning or filling of own columns neither cumbersome storage of single components. The columns are delivered in stripes and shrink-wrapped air- and steam-tight and thus can be stocked almost indefinitely. 

Advantages at a glance:

  • A large drain outlet guarantees a throughput, which is consistent with the method
  • LCTech recommends reusable adapters for luer connections 
  • Flexibly usable
  • Excellent performance