GPC uno/quattro
GPC uno/quattro with 4 GPC columns | © LCTech GmbH
Parallelisation for High Throughput

GPC uno/quattro

The GPC uno from LCTech is a simple and universal system for gel permeation chromatography for the clean-up of food, feed and environmental samples. The system allows a quick and cost-effective entry into GPC and is very well suited for laboratories with small sample numbers in the basic version. 

With additional modules that can be installed at a later date, the GPC uno can be expanded at any time with further GPC lines and thus adapted to increased sample numbers or different applications.

Expand your system according to your needs:

Drawing GPC uno/quattro 1 column | © LCTech GmbH
One GPC Column
Drawing GPC uno/quattro 2 columns | © LCTech GmbH
Two GPC Columns
Drawing GPC uno/quattro 3 columns | © LCTech GmbH
Three GPC Columns
Drawing GPC uno/quattro 4 columns | © LCTech GmbH
Four GPC Columns
GPC columns placed in holder | © LCTech GmbH

GPC quattro - Four Systems in One Unit

With the GPC quattro you can use up to four GPC runs in parallel - either with the same method on all columns or with independently defined conditions for each individual column. Each GPC line is operated by its own pump for this purpose. This allows the sample throughput to be quadrupled compared to sequential processing (see following table).

Sequential clean-up

Parallel processing with GPC quattro

45 min. GPC run

45 min. GPC run

+ 5 min. rinse / sample

+ 5 min. rinse / 4 samples

= 11 samples / 9 hours

= 44 samples / 9 hours


Parallelisation up to 4 Columns

It Can be So Easy!

Select method
Inject sample
Press "START"
The GPC uno/quattro automatically cleans samples
"No carry-over measurable!"
"The unit works reproducibly!"

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