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GPC uno/quattro

GPC uno - a Simple
Sample Preparation System

The GPC uno by LCTech is a simple and universal system for gel permeation chromatography for the clean-up of food and feed samples as well as environmental samples. This system gives fast and inexpensive access to GPC, and its basic version is fully adequate for laboratories processing a smaller number of samples.

Additional modules can be installed expanding the GPC uno by further GPC lines at any time.
Thereby, the system can be adapted to a greater number of samples or different applications.
Expand your system according to your needs:

GPC quattro - Four GPC Systems in One Machine

The GPC quattro facilitates up to four parallel GPC runs – either apply the same method to all columns or run with independently defined conditions for each individual column. Each GPC line is operated by its own pump. Thereby, in comparison to sequential processing, sample throughput can be quadrupled, e.g.

The control - intuitive and clear

The clearly laid out standard screen gives an overview of all current settings. From here you can start each individual column instantly. The control is intuitive and can be managed without previous knowledge.

Like to see greater detail?

Follow the run of each column in real time - with the time bar, numerical time display and a constantly updated diagram of the flow paths as well as the process status. The alternative: The display on the PC allows you to follow the system processes even from work stations a little further away.

Sequential clean-up Parallel processing with GPC quattro
45 min. GPC-run 45 min. GPC-run
+ 5 min. rinsing / sample + 5 min. rinsing / 4 samples
= 11 samples / 9 hours = 44 samples / 9 hours

The GPC quattro makes your laboratory life noticeably easier. The parallel utilisation of several GPC columns helps you work efficiently and saves time. This system already operates in renowned laboratories with a high sample throughput analysing spices in oil, azo dyes, antioxidants, pesticides and many more. The GPC quattro marries a robust, low-maintenance design with reliability and reproducibility. It enables quick and reliable results under dependable operation.

Determine yourself how Extensive you want your System to be

Owing to their modular structure, the GPC uno and the GPC quattro remain flexible and can be tailored to your laboratory needs. The installation of upgrades is possible at any time without any complications. In the basic model, four columns run parallel using the same method, i.e. with the same settings for flow rate, pressure and forerun, main run and tailing. Already in this version, the columns can be started independently of each other. 

Upgrade 1 allows each run to be operated individually. You can use up to four different methods, column types and eluents in parallel.

Upgrade 2 contains three additional sensors monitoring filling levels in the waste containers. This is the right choice, if you wish to work with up to four different eluents. One sensor is already fitted in the basic model.

Upgrade 3 enables the display of data and processes on your PC.

The GPC Test Standard - Quality Assurance of your GPC Column

The test standard contains:

  • corn oil (25 g/L)  
  • ethylhexyl phthalat (1 g/L)  
  • methoxychlor (200 mg/L)  
  • perylene (20 mg/L)

in ethylacetate cyclohexane. The test is carried out on the basis of US EPA SW846 Method 3640A. The test standard is available in 16 mL vials. It has to be stored at 4-8 °C and in a dark place.

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