Shaken, Not Stirred


For shaking, mixing, extracting, dissolving and emulsifying. The MIX-TRACTION system can be used in a variety of matrices such as:

  • Food and feed samples
  • Environmental samples
  • Bioanalytical samples

Typical applications include QuEChERS, QuEChERSER, QuPPe, soil extraction or cell lysis (in conjunction with grinding balls) and other applications. 

MIX-TRACTION is also suitable for PFAS analysis:

The Benefits

  • Powerful vertical shaking, replaces manual shaking by hand and thus valuable manpower
  • Saves time and effort by processing the samples in parallel: up to 8 x 50 mL or 8 x 15 mL Falcon tubes or mixed possible
  • Reproducible results as shaking conditions are constant
  • Saves space and energy
  • Touchscreen for convenient operation 
  • Simple setting of time and shaking speed 
  • Shaking without time restrictions possible


Front view of opened MIX-TRACTION | © LCTech GmbH

Power switch for switching the unit on and off. If the switch is lit (white), the unit is switched on; if the switch is not lit, the unit is switched off.

Open cover, insert centrifuge tubes, close cover. Either up to 8 x 50 mL or up to 8 x 15 mL conical centrifuge tubes can be used. The tubes can also be mixed. If the cover is opened during the process, an emergency shutdown is started immediately.

The touch screen is used for easier handling and makes operation almost self-explanatory.

Fixes the conical centrifuge tubes. When using the smaller tubes, an additional holder is used.

Comparison of 1-min QuEChERS shaking techniques

MIX-TRACTION: Better than Manual Shaking by Hand

Shaking by hand, e.g. in QuEChERS applications, is very time-consuming and labour-intensive. Shaking with MIX-TRACTION not only leads to at least equally good extraction results, but also ensures that all of the samples are shaken in identical conditions. This gives you more time for other important tasks in the laboratory.

Extraction on PFAS

PFAS extraction from solid environmental samples with a mixer with variable speed settings, e.g. US EPA 1633 (2nd draft).

PFAS extraction from food and feed with a laboratory shaker, e.g. EURL Guidance Document on Analytical Parameters for the Determination of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Food and Feed.

Diagram of Extraction of isotope-labelled PFAS from spiked garden soil | © LCTech GmbH

Extraction of Isotopically Labelled PFAS from Spiked Garden Soil

Extraction of isotopically labelled PFAS with a concentration of 0.5-40 µg/kg. 2 x 5 min at 800 rpm.



MIX-TRACTION: The QuEChERS Shaker from LCTech
Shaking by hand, e.g. in QuEChERS applications, is time-and labour consuming. The shaking can be replaced one-to-one with the MIX-TRACTION – QuEChERS Shaker. This gives you not only the same
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