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ELISA Rapid Test ErgoREAD


Simple, Fast and Inexpensive Screening of Ergot Alkaloids

Ergot alkaloids are naturally occurring mycotoxins. These are fungi of the genus Claviceps that arise in a variety of grain and flour products as primary contamination and have highly toxic properties. 

Poisoning by ergot alkaloids is called ergotism (erysipelas) or St. Anthony‘s fire, which is also known as ignis sacer - „holy fire“. The first known ergotism epidemic happened in 857 and many more followed with countless deaths. Even today, harmful alkaloids are found in food and feed.

The ErgoREAD rapid test is ready-to-use: It contains a 96-well ELISA plate; it can also be used individually in 8-well strips. All required reagents and standard solutions are included. An extensive manual together with a set of descriptive brief instructions lead even inexperienced lab staff safely through the uncomplicated application.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • Complete, low-cost rapid test
  • High sample throughput: 96 samples (incl. standards) in 105 minutes
  • Only two extraction methods for solid samples
  • Best reproducibility and repeatability through standardisation
  • Reacts with "-ines" as well as with "-inines"
  • Easy-to-understand software at no charge
  • Broad measuring range
  • Long shelf life (12 months)
  • Satisfactory recovery rates: 80 - 110 %

        Direct comparison between measurements with LC-MS/MS
        and ELISA rapid test ErgoREAD

        Sample LC-MS/MS ELISA ErgoREAD
        Wheat* 1.68 µg/g 1.89 µg/g
        Rye* 0.57 µg/g 0.48 µg/g
        Triticale* 1.15 µg/g 1.64 µg/g

        *Data provided by BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing