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Certified Columns for PCB and Dioxin Analysis


Easiest Handling: "Just Click It"

LCTech columns are ready-to-use. DEXTech 16, DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Plus and DEXTech Heat are designed with a 3-column setup using an acidic silica column (pos. 1), an aluminium-oxide or florisil column (pos. 2), or a carbon column (pos. 3). Simply click in the respective columns in the column tower- "just click it". Afterwards a patented mechanism of the system automatically locks the tower. No screw connections, no tools, no other manual steps. From sample to sample - fast, flexible, effortless.

Variety of Columns

Position 1: Universal or SMART Column

Depending on the individual requirements, matrix or desired method, each dioxin-system of the DEXTech product family can be equipped with different ready-to-use column setups:

Universal Column:

  • The fat can be degraded by the acidic silica gel, which is impregnated with concentrated sulphuric acid. The user has visual control due to the glass material of the column.
  • The loading capacity of the Universal column is with 5 g of fat very high, and is essential in order to achieve the low detection limits.
    Due to a special silver nitrate layer, the Universal column is suitable for all kind of matrices, even for those containing Sulphur.

SMART Column:

  • For samples with content of up to 1.5 g fat or a small matrix load
    Advantage: Significantly reduced amount of solvent as well as the processing time

Easy change between Universal and SMART column by using the adapter.

Position 2: Aluminium-Oxide or Florisil Column 

  • Suitable for DEXTech 16, DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Plus and DEXTech Heat
  • Depending on amount and composition of target fractions the Florisil column can also be used at this position in DEXTech Plus.

Position 3: Carbon Column

  • Reusable up to 10 times: this reduces the already low column cost
  • Advantage for DEXTech Pure, DEXTech 16 and DEXTech Heat:Cost saving for "pure" PCB analysis, because the carbon column is not needed and replaced by a dummy column.

The acidic silica gel column and the subsequent aluminium oxide column are made of chemically inert glass and are separately shrink-wrapped to a special foil with aluminium barrier layer. The columns with activated carbon are shrink-wrapped in batches of five. Thus, all LCTech columns are protected from external influences even at adverse conditions.

Dummy columns are included in the standard equipment of each dioxin-system, in case additional rinsing steps are desired or only two columns are required.