Throughput and Processing Time


Fastest Automation in Dioxin and PCB Analysis

The new 3-column-design of DEXTech Plus necessitates a remarkable processing time of only 35 minutes. Hence, only one system is required (= one flow path) to process 3.500 samples per year. Solvent consumtion per run is very low. 

Manual pretreatment is not necessary. Place your sample vial into the DEXTech Plus. The Sample will be automatically loaded via the syringe pump. However, at no time the sample will get in contact with the syringe pump itself. For quantitative transfer the sample container will be rinsed and the remains added into the sample loop. Thus, cross-contamination is reliably prevented.

Standard Method or Flexible Parametrization

Evaluated standard methods, e.g. the default SMART method for 35-min processing, are stored in the DEXTech Plus. These methods can be accessed easily via the password-protected touch screen. The user may also freely parameterise a method and save it in the system. The saved methods can be opened and modified at any time and then be saved again under a different name.

For high-throughput laboratories particulary attractive:
Parallel use of 4 systems achieves a throughput of 14.000 samples per year.