Columns and Fractions

Dioxins and PCB

3-Column Set-up with Patented Locking System

DEXTech Plus is designed with a 3-column set-up. Depending on the individual requirements, matrix or desired method, the user can equip the DEXTech Plus with different set-ups, simply insert the respective columns - "just click it". No screw connections, no tools, no other manual steps. From sample to sample - fast, flexible, effortless. 

  1. Acidic silica gel column; depending on the sample 
    - SMART Column (Samples of up to 1,5 g Fat) or
    - Universal Column (Samples of up to 5 g Fat)
    Easy and fast change between Universal and 
    SMART-Columns by fitting an adapter (see pictures below).
  2. Aluminium oxide column or Florisil column
    depending on amount and composition of target fractions.
  3. Carbon column; reusable. 
    This reduces the already low column costs even further.

The Acidic Silica column and the subsequent Florisil column are made of glass and are separately shrink-wrapped to a special foil with aluminium barrier layer. That is especially important to avoid any adsorption of water or even dioxins / PCB from the environment.

The columns with activated carbon are shrink-wrapped in in batches of five. That means that all LCTech columns are protected from external influences even at adverse conditions.

Greatest Flexibility of All Automated Systems

By using different types of columns and the freely parametrizable method input, you have the opportunity to configure the DEXTech Plus system according to your requirements, per sample.