Handling and Automation


Easiest Handling with DEXTech Plus

"just click it"

Click columns into the column tower - "just click it". The tower will be automatically locked by a patented process. Afterwards place the sample vial into the DEXTech Plus system. The sample will be automatically loaded via the syringe pump; however, at no time the sample will get in contact with the syringe pump itself. For quantitative transfer the sample container will be rinsed and the remains added into the sample loop. 

Throughout the entire process, the touch screen displays the processing status. An acoustic signal as well as a LED display indicates the end of process. The clean-up performed by DEXTech Plus is compliant with the EPA method and European regulations.

Safety Features

Your safety is important to us.
The DEXTech Plus system has many safety features:

Sensors for Monitoring

The system is equipped with a pressure sensor for pressure monitoring, an overflow sensor for waste level control and a leakage sensor below a removable drip tray. Should one of the sensors send a signal, the system will stop processing. After elimination of the error, processing of the current sample will be continued.

No mechanical movement when the door is open

The DEXTech Plus operates in low voltage range and any mechanical movement of parts is just performed with closed front door. These results in additional user safety. 

No fume hood necessary

Due to closed fractionation container no fume hood is required.

Report for Quality Control

As standard, DEXTech Plus is equipped with an USB interface to transfer the in the software generated processing protocols to a PC.

Up to 50 different sample preparations can be saved. All sample related data are consequently stored for documentation, so the risk of data loss is precluded.