Automated Sample Preperation with DEXTech Plus


Faster and Easier than Ever

LCTech, specialist for automated sample preparation sets new standards in regards of flexibility, reducing costs per sample and effortless handling.

With a throughput of 3,500 samples per year with only one flow path and a process time of only 35 minutes per sample this 3 column system is incredibly fast.

The "Greener Technology" for Dioxin and PCB Analysis cleans quickly and flexibly all kinds of extracts:


  • food and feed samples, such as fish, meat, fish oil, eggs, vegetable oils and feed mixtures
  • environmental samples, such as soil, sludge, sediments
  • biological matrices, for example blood.

Please note:

LCTech is discontinuing the production of the sample preparation system DEXTech with immediate effect. DEXTech is now replaced by DEXTech Plus. All possible applications and results from DEXTech can be transferred fully to DEXTech Plus. Consumables and spare parts will be still available for the next 10 years. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and write an e-mail to: or you can call us: +49 8082 2717-0. As of: 01.06.2017


See by yourself how fast and easy the sample preparation for the dioxin analysis can be.

Throughput and Processing Time

Highest Throughput, Fastest Processing Times

For high throughput laboratories particulary attractive: Parallel use of 4 systems achieves a throughput of 14.000 samples per year.

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Columns and Fractions

One System - Many Possibilities

By using different types of columns and the freely parametrizable method input, you have the opportunity to configure the DEXTech Plus system according to your requirements.

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Handling and Automation

Highest Automation

Effortless handling through automation compliant to the EPA method and European regulations. 

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Results with DEXTech Plus

Reliable and Reproducible 

Clear signals, sharp separation, low background noise and excellent recoveries. Convince yourself of remarkable results of DEXTech Plus.

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