Automated Sample Preperation


Sample preparation is one of the most elaborate and time-consuming process steps within dioxin and PCB analysis. Easy-to-use and at the same time reliable automation makes your work in the laboratory much simpler.


The LCTech System DEXTech Plus is suitable for sample preparation for all types of dioxin and PCB analysis:

  • Food and feed samples, such as fish, meat, and fish oil, eggs, vegetable oils and animal feed mixtures,
  • environmental samples, such as soil, sewage sludge,sediments,
  • biological matrices, such as blood.


See by yourself how easy the sample preparation for the dioxin analysis can be.

DEXTech Plus

Fast and Reliable Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation with the novel DEXTech Plus 3-column-design is faster than ever. You have the opportunity to configurate according to your requirements, 2 or 3 fractions: The choice is yours. 

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Easy Sample Preparation in Dioxin Analysis

Based on a 4-column set-up by using 2 carbon-columns and florisil-columns for clean up you achieve particular pure fractions, that facilitates a measurement at the lowest level of the detection area.

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