Maintenance Pinnacle PCX

Servicing of Your Pinnacle PCX

Keep your Pinnacle PCX in good condition and minimize downtime by performing annual maintenance.

Below you can find a general maintenance schedule. Your individual maintenance schedule will depend on usage. If you use the Pinnacle PCX very intensely, you may want to perform the preventative maintenance more often.

Refer to the maintenance section of the Pinnacle manual for details on performing the maintenance. The manual is ready for download on the sidebar.

For professional maintenance complete maintenance and tubing kits are available. 

Routine maintenance

  • Check for leaks every day
  • Replace flush and piston wash reservoirs every week
  • Record operating pressures in a daily log book

Precaution is cheaper than repair

  • Replace valve and pump seals every 12 months
  • Replace the 10 µm reagent frits every 3 months
  • Change the tubing's every 24 months