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Amino Acid Analysis

Onyx PCX + Amino Acid Application Kits = Fast and Economic Application

For a very fast amino acid analysis LCTech offer different application kits. Thus protein, collagen and oxidized feed hydrolysates can be handled in 33 minutes and physiological samples in 70 minutes. Using the kits you are able to reduce consumption of reagents and parallely costs for the analysis of amino acids.

The kits are available in well-known quality by Pickering Laboratories with functional guarantee: If the kit is used in combination with the system Onyx PCX for post column derivatization and any HPLC device, the result is an application which works.



This is possible due to a well-harmonized system of column materials and buffers in combination with an eluent and temperature gradient.

The kits contain HPLC column, diluent, eluents, regenerant, the reagents OPA/Thiofluor or Ninhydrin) and standards - that means everything needed for well-done amino acid analysis besides HPLC device and a system for post column derivatization.

The following application kits are available for the Onyz PCX:

  • Kit for protein hdrolysates (33 minutes)  
  • Kit for oxidized feed hydrolysates (33 minutes) 
  • Kit for collagen hydrolysates (33 minutes)  
  • Kit for physiological samples (70 minutes)

Calibration Standards

The amino acid standards have a reputation worldwide for quality and reliability in all post-column systems and methods. They are the basis for the detection and quantification of amino acids in your samples, e.g. in food, feed or cell cultures with HPLC.

The standards are quantitative. Each charge is chromatographically tested and thus checked for its suitability. They remain stable when shipped at ambient temperatures and are available in a 5 mL vial.


The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.)

The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) and the United States Pharmacopoeia Convention (USP) are published collections of pharmaceutical regulations and methods. Those describe the quality, testing, storage, dosage and description of medicines and the ingredients and material used during manufacturing (quantitative and qualitative requirements).

The objective of the Ph. Eur. is to provide common quality standards throughout Europe to control the quality of medicines and substances used to manufacture them. These standards apply to medicines for both human and veterinary use.

European Union directives (2001/82/EC and 2001/83/EC, as amended, and 2003/63/EC) state the legally-binding character of Ph. Eur. texts for Marketing Authorization Applications (MAA). All manufacturers of medicines or substances for pharmaceutical use therefore must apply the Ph. Eur. quality standards in order to be able to market and use these products in Europe.

Determination of amino acids in pharmaceutical products acc. to Ph. Eur.

The company SGS (Quality Control Testing Services) published a new application note about the qualitative and quantitative determination of the amino acid composition of pharmaceutical products (according to Ph. Eur.). It describes, among other things, the post-column derivatization using the PICKERING system Pinnacle PCX (predecessor model of Onyx PCX).