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A good extraction is the basis for every analysis. The X-TRACTION system works with Pressurised Fluid Extraction (PFE) principle and the innovative design and LCTech procedure make the system unique and offers many advantages.

MOSH/MOAH Analysis according to DGF C-VI 22 (20)

We help you to implement the new method with suitable accessories. 


Sample preparation for dioxin and PCB analysis: An easy-to-use and at the same time reliable automation system makes your work in the laboratory much easier.

FREESTYLE - Automated sample preparation and analysis

See for yourself how easy it can be to implement automated sample preparation in the laboratory.

Automated PFAS Clean-up

LCTech solves the big challenge in the automation of this application: Standardized clean-up of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances without blank values.

Immunoaffinity and clean-up columns for mycotoxin analysis

LCTech offers fast and efficient sample clean-up for multi and single mycotoxin determination with different column formats from 3 mL to the special SMART format. 

Full automation in mycotoxin analysis

The FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ module in combination with SMART columns for highly automated analysis from raw extract to chromatogram of alfatoxins and ochratoxin A in all regulated matrices with highest sensitivity - ppt instead of ppb!

The Bidirectional SPE (BD-SPE):

Unattended Sample Preparation in Forensics and Toxicology

In this e-seminar, Ms Angelika Köpf (Head of Sales at LCTech) introduces the new sample loading, which even allows the automated sample preparation of difficult matrices, without supervision over 24 hours and 7 days per week. Besides, she explains why cross-contamination can reliably be excluded.

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